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The place where passion for films, literature, music, history or sports meets art is found at auctions in the Memorabilia category, a term which translates collectors’ hobbies into the universal language of the art market.

From Mihail Kogălniceanu’s carriage clock to Radu Beligan’s bow tie, from rare photographs of Toma Caragiu to former belongings of the Ceauşescu couple, auctions of this type provide the chance to acquire some absolutely singular items.


Additional information about selling with us or if you want to make a consignment proposal:

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Prof. univ. Dr. Carol Căpiță Expert atestat Ministerul Culturii

Ana Dobjanschi Expert atestat Ministerul Culturii

Dr. Doina Ișfănoni Expert atestat Ministerul Culturii

Dr. Mircea Alexandru Hortopan Expert atestat Ministerul Culturii

Liliana Manoliu Expert atestat Ministerul Culturii

Consignment and appraisal

Simona Oprea Director of Collectibles Department 0728 054 340