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In light of the latest regulations regarding the organization of events in the public space, we remind our customers of the Artmark Live online platform that allows remote bidding.
Our auctions are fully available online, for consultation and bidding, which means that you can place bids from the comfort of your own home, using your registered account or, alternatively, by phone.
In 2019, over 2,350 lots were awarded online, with over 1,250 participants bidding online.
What do I need to bid?
In order to bid or participate to an online bid, an approved account is required. Once your account is validated for bidding, you can place bids in advance for the desired lots or you can watch the auction live and participate online.
How do I bid on A10 by Artmark?
The Artmark Live bidding platform provides live streaming of the auction - allowing you to feel the thrill of excitement from your own home. Enjoy your passion for art, shop safely and let us take care of the rest! See below how the Artmark Live platform works.
If you prefer to bid by phone, with the help of one of our operators, you can fill-out a form and send it to us, at . You will be contacted before the auction starts and we will bid together for the desired lots!
If you are not available on the evening of the auction, either physically or online, you can leave us a written bid (maximum bid for the desired lot), by filling-out a form and submitting it at
How the Artmark Live platform works
Smart bidding - The main button will alert you by changing its colour. Green means that the auction is in full swing, orange indicates that the official auctioneer is preparing to close, and red that it is the last chance to bid for that lot before the bid is closed.
Live text - Even if you cannot see the auction room, you will know everything that happens there, using the auction step transcription option. This allows you to read the auction scenario, in real time, just below the main button.
Strategic - Under the auction scenario section there is a grey section informing you both on the amount (current price) that is requested in the hall by the official auctioneer, as well as the next amounts for bidding. It allows you to be prepared and plan your steps ahead.
Browsing - Shows all the bids of the evening, at the bottom of the page. Move the cursor to the lot you are interested in. The lots awarded up to that particular point shall be marked as follows: awarded lots: ‘Awarded’, marked with a green line; lots being auctioned: marked with a blue line; passed lots: ‘Reintroduction’ marked with a red line.
Reintroduction - Once you press the reintroduction button, the application will ask you to confirm this option. Once confirmed, the bidding process will be automated, when the lot is called by the official auctioneer, without you having to press the bid button. Thus, the application guarantees that you take the first step for the lot reintroduced.
Invoicing - On the next day, after the auction, you will receive the invoice for the lots awarded, together with the payment details. For more information on invoicing and batch collection, please contact us at:, 0736 381 178.