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Following the model of European cultural institutions, involved in democratizing access to culture and promoting national cultural values, we nurtured the establishment of a Board of Excellence in which to bring together models of Romanian public life, personalities with vibrancy for modern and contemporary national culture.

The members of the Board of Excellence act as ambassadors of our assumed cultural mission, directly or implicitly supporting the projects of Artmark, ArtSociety and the Art Management Institute to increase the visibility of Romanian culture and increase its impact in shaping Romanian society.

The Board of Excellence will function as an instance of high morality and prestige. The role of the Board is to set the cultural policy guidelines, through regular meetings and permanent endorsement by the Board, but also through public support for our cultural projects.

Angela Baillou General Manager Christie's Austria

George Butunoiu Head-hunter, Managing Partner George Butunoiu Executive Search Consultants, founder of the Political Club

MD dentist, collector

Prof. univ. dr. Emil Constantinescu University of Bucharest, President of Romania (1996-2000, President of the Romanian Foundation for Democracy, member of the member of the World Academy of Art and Science in the USA, President of the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin etc.

Ruxandra Silvelia Demetrescu Bucharest National University of Arts, Director of UNARTE Department of the Institution Organizing Doctoral Studies

Doina Popoviciu Dincă Entrepreneur

Rucsandra Hurezeanu Founder and CEO of Ivatherm

Gilda Lazăr Corporate Affairs & Communications Director JTI Romania, Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria, founding member of the Romanian Association of Public Relations Professionals

Amalia Năstase Reputation Management Specialist, CEO Amalia Năstase Communications

Edgar Nicolau Doctor of Science, doctor, international collector

Tudor Octavian Writer and art critic

Catrinel Pleșu Director of the National Book Center, within the Romanian Cultural Institute

Ioan Sbârciu Visual artist, President of the Senate of the Cluj University of Arts and Design, Senator in Romanian Parliament (2008-2013), Rotary Governor for Romania and the Republic of Moldova etc.

Princess Marina Sturdza Activist for the rebirth of civil society in Romania, member of the Board of Directors of reputable international foundations and organizations

Florentin Ţuca Lawyer, founder of Țuca, Zbârcea & Asociații

Eugen Voicu CEO of Aviva Pensions Romania, President of the Supervisory Board of Certinvest SAI SA

Mihaela Vosganian Composer