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Shareholders and Management

The A10 Auction House operates as a trading company owned 100% by Artmark Holding. The Auction house is run by Horia-Roman Patapievici as Chairperson and by the Board of Directors composed of Luciana Matei, Mihail Stomff and Valeriu Sângeorzan.

  • Physicist, author, scientific researcher of physics, independent researcher of the history of ideas, cultural manager.
  • Member of the Group for Social Dialogue and of the Writers’ Union.
  • Former President of the Romanian Cultural Institute (2005-2012).
  • Founding member of the Research Centre for the Foundations of Modern Thought (University of Bucharest)
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Luciana MATEI
  • Psychology Graduate, Luciana was part of the House's team from it's establishment;
  • Passionate about human relationships, she has worked in multiple departments, experience that led her to transition the company's chain of command
  • She is now the House's Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Directors, being an excellent manager
  • Graduate of the University Politechnica of Bucharest, engineer by training, retrained in marketing and PR, book reaper and starved art beholder.
  • Worked in the Romanian press for 19 years (Tinerama - 1990-2009), co-founder and manager of the Tinerama, Ion Cristoiu - Max Banush, and Proiect publishing houses.
  • Consistent bearer of a large baggage of questions and a small pouch of answers.
  • Senior Art Advisor at Artmark since 2008.
  • AEEAR (Romanian Association of Art Experts and Evaluators) Evaluator since 2011.
  • Member of the Association of Art Traders in Romania.
  • Director of the Elisabeta Art Galleries (1994 – 2008) and associate expert of Djaburov Art – Art and Antiquity Gallery (1996 -2003).
  • Contributor to the drafting of the following works: "The Official Sculpture Salon – Aesthetic Emotions – 1924-1947", "The Official Painting Salon – 1924-1947" and the Tia Peltz monograph.