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Founded in 2008, Artmark is the main cultural marketplace in the Romanian art market. With a Romanian art market share varying between 80% and 90% in the last decade, according to Romanian Art Market Yearly Reports, and actively involved in the preservation and promotion of national cultural heritage, Artmark positions itself as a top leader of the Eastern Europe art market (2nd/3rd place). Artmark has just celebrated 15 years of extraordinary activity and marks values such as tradition, excellence, and passion for art, transparency, and trust.

Artmark is a 100% Romanian private ownership. The market share of Artmark increased from 81% in 2016 to 90% in 2020, in an art market that can be estimated at over EUR 20 million. During its 15 years activity, Artmark organized over 500 events and offered more than 150.000 items for sale.

Artmark’s auctions span around 20 categories of sale: Old Masters (XVIII-XIX), Classical and Modern art, Avant-garde, Postmodern and Contemporary Art, Photography, European Painting and Sculpture, Naïve Art, Religious Art, Numismatics, Jewelry, Watches, Decorative Art, Design and Elegance, Art Furniture, Military Antiques, Classic Cars, Wines, Whiskeys and Champagnes, Books and Manuscripts, Maps, and various Memorabilia. In 2018, Artmark has achieved the record price for an artwork ever sold at a Romanian auction: Nicolae Grigorescu – “Țărăncuță cu basma albă”, sold for 340.000 EUR.

In 2022, Artmark increased its activity in the EEA art market, opening two new subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Croatia.