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Нашата история


January - The year 2023 started with a 100% auction rate at the 'Surrealist Universe' event, which brought together the world's most coveted modern artists - Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Rene Magritte, Edvard Munch and Andy Warhol. During the event, the largest collection of Salvador Dali lithographs was auctioned, and the most coveted piece was 'The Face of Aphrodite of Knidos in a Landscape Setting', which was sold for €1,110.
'Art Today', the newest segment of contemporary art, remains a top favourite for young collectors. Gorzo, Ana Bănică, Mircea Ciutu, Francisc Chiuariu, Felix Aftene or Gheorghe Fikl are artists whose artistic concerns reflect the topics of the day, such as corporate work, couple relationships, climate change, artificial intelligence, social network addiction or the exploration of sexuality, and their signed works have completed valuable new collections.
Mihai Eminescu's first and last photographs were exhibited together for the first time at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace on National Culture Day. The original photographs, considered fragments of history, of museum value, were exhibited for one day only - Sunday, January 15th, marking the 173rd anniversary of the birth of the national poet.
Historical exhibition at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace on the occasion of the 164th anniversary of the historic act of the Union of the Romanian Principalities on January 24th, 1859, which put the new state of Romania on the political-administrative map of Europe. For the first time, Alexandru Ioan Cuza's hunting rifle and Mihail Kogălniceanu's carriage clock made appearances. This way, the 2 historical pieces of museum value could be admired in the one-day exhibition on Tuesday, January 24th.

February - A10 by Artmark auctioned, for the first time, Titu Maiorescu's bachelor thesis, which was sold for €2,000, as well as Zoia Ceaușescu's doctoral thesis 'Extrapolări operatoriale' ('Operatorial extrapolations'), which was sold for €600. Both collectors' copies bear the authors' holograph signatures.
Pharmacist Rene Zdrafcovici's art collection was auctioned as part of the 'Scholarship and Passion' event, which saw a 68% auction rate. Nicolae Tonitza was among the top collectors' favourites, and the watercolour 'Courtyard at Mangalia' was sold for €12,000.
The traditional Mărțișor Auctions offered enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to choose collectible gifts or smart investments. The IWC Portuguese watch, F.A. Jones limited edition No 248/500, with tourbillon mechanism was sold for €21,000, and the white gold tennis bracelet decorated with diamonds was sold for €20,000. At the same time, for €2,000, Queen Elisabeth's jewel-gift - a pendant in two-tone gold and silver, decorated with pearls, which comes from the collection of the Launay family, owners of the house that hosted the Romanian society's elite, including the royal couple King Carol and Queen Elisabeth - was sold.
Constantin Brâncuși returned to the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace on February 18th, the 147th anniversary of the birth of the most important and innovative artist of the 20th century. The anniversary exhibition brought together symbolic works signed by Constantin Brancusi, personal objects of the great master, but also the new 'AiBrâncuși' media experiences, that were enjoyed by those who walked through the doors of the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace.

March - A10 Auction House by Artmark launched the first auction in Romania with an AI commissioner. The new auction typology, Timed Online Auction, was launched as part of the Historical Art Auction, including a collection of numismatics and medals (Part II). This way, the auction was automatically managed by the Artmark Live 2.0 platform algorithm. The AI Auction Commissioner was created for this new format, and is scheduled to perform several important tasks during the auction process. It was designed to monitor the activity of the participants in the auction, verify and validate the bids submitted, identify any violations of the auction rules, and ensure that the auction is conducted in a transparent and fair manner for all participants.
The Spring Auction, the biggest event of the Romanian art market this season, recorded impressive results and confirmed the strong interest in important Romanian art: a total of around €1 million and an auction rate of over 85%. The anniversary event Auction 500, held for the first time after 3 years of almost exclusively online auctions, saw 341 paddles, of which 80 paddles were bid in the room and by phone. The 500th anniversary event - the Spring Auction - repositioned the hierarchy of appreciation and importance in Romanian art. The top auction was led by Nicolae Tonitza, whose work 'Little Girl with Pink Bow' was sold for €110,000. At the same time, one of the most awaited works of the event was the painting 'Lady Elisabeth in her Study’, signed by the national painter Nicolae Grigorescu. The work, which comes from the historical collection of the diplomat Viorel Tilea, representing a smaller version of the final one in the collection of the Royal Family of Romania, was sold for €77,500.
First appearance at the A10 Auction House by Artmark, but also in Romania: the Cranchi Perla 25 yacht from 1998, which was sold for €30,000, and the rare De Rosa Professional racing bike, which was used by cycling champions such as Gianni Motta, Francesco Moser and Moreno Argentin, which was sold for €1,950. Collector's items were awarded within the Technical Curiosities Auction.
'Historical Art', 'Collectible Numismatics', 'Rare Book' and 'Old Maps' were four important chapters of the first part of the Historical Art Auction. Each chapter was represented by collector's items, rare finds in the Romanian market, of museum value, representing a unique opportunity for collectors and lovers of historical art to add to their collections authentic and valuable pieces that have withstood the test of time and remain testimonies of past eras.

April - AA collection of paintings that belonged to the politician Corneliu Vadim Tudor was auctioned during the event dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Romanian Art. The dozens of paintings were signed by important Romanian artists such as Gheorghe Petrașcu, Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpăna or Sorin Ilfoveanu. The most coveted work of the collection was the 'Peasant House' watercolour, signed Gheorghe Petrașcu, which was sold for €4,400.
The Whisky, Wine and Cigar Collector's Auction recorded total sales of over €100,000, and an auction rate of around 87%, the highest ever achieved at an auction of vintage wines and whiskies. The highlight of the event was the 12-year-old Port Ellen Maltings whisky, bottled on the occasion of the visit of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain to Port Ellen Distilleries on 9 August 1980. The elegant bottle, an extreme rarity, bottled in only 40 examples, was sold for €15,000, being the most expensive whisky ever sold in a public auction in Romania. The A10 Auction House by Artmark also marked a new first, bringing two barrels of Romanian wine from the Galicea Mare Estate to the attention of rarity lovers. The two barrels of Fetească Neagră from 2018 and 2019 put on quite a show. The barrel of wine, Fetească Neagră 2019, was sold for €20,500, the highest price for a Romanian wine lot, and a record for the Romanian market. The second barrel, from 2018, was sold for €18,500, making it a valuable investment and a rare opportunity for wine collectors to obtain an exceptional wine.

May - The A10 Auction House by Artmark marks the 500th anniversary of auctions held in the Romanian art market through an anniversary event made to promote contemporary art, being the first contemporary art auction in a room, after three years of exclusively online organization. The contemporary star of the anniversary event was Ion Țuculescu, whose work 'Field of Rapeseed' was sold for €43,000. An impressive show was offered, during the auction, by the work 'The Great Harlequins (Statuary group with five figures and a bronze ball)', signed by Ioan Pârvan, which was sold for €30,000. The sculpture suite had a starting price of €2,000.
The 'Swords, Pipes and Sticks' event brings to the attention of historical artefact lovers an impressive collection of outstanding pieces that belonged to famous personalities. Queen Elisabeth's pipe, donated to the architects of the Trinitatis Kirche in the German capital Berlin, was sold for €700. The oriental sword, with a silver filigree sheath, with parade function was unexpected in a public auction in Romania, a protocol gift from the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to Friedrich Dickel, Minister of the Interior of the German Democratic Republic, around 1980. The collector's piece, made during the time of the Arab dictator, was sold for €3,950.
Within the 'Timeless' event, dedicated to elegance, Zoia Ceaușescu's wristwatch was sold for €14,000. The collector's piece, decorated with 58 diamonds, is the creation of Jaeger LeCoutre.
The 'A Century of History - From Monarchy to Communism. Art and History Auction' offered collectors and history enthusiasts access to over 300 historical collectibles that belonged to King Carol I, Queen Elisabeth, Queen Maria or Marshal Ion Antonescu. The most valuable piece of the auction was the pocket watch of Marshal Ion Antonescu, which was sold for €7,000. During the same event, more than 30 historical objects of the Ceaușescu family were auctioned, including: the doctoral thesis in chemistry 'Polimerizarea izoprenului' ('Polymerisation of Isoprene') signed by Elena Ceaușescu, which was sold for €1,000, and the men's cotton hat that belonged to Nicolae Ceaușescu, which was sold for €1,400.
A10 Auction House by Artmark participates, for the first time, in the Bookfest International Book Fair - a reference event for literature lovers and book collectors. For the first time, the public admired, for four days, the collection of rare books, as well as objects of art and atmosphere, from the personal library of the famous literary critic Șerban Cioculescu. One of the rare books presented at Bookfest by A10 by Artmark was the Gospel of Macarius (also known as 'Macarius' Bible') - one of the earliest printed books to appear in Romania.
Not one, but two special cultural events marked the Night of Museums at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace. Art lovers had the opportunity to admire the most important works signed by the national painter Nicolae Grigorescu, complemented by works of modern or contemporary artists inspired by the great master. At the same time, those who walked through the doors of the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace had the opportunity to admire the '1 Million Euro Wall'. which brought together the most valuable and important classical and contemporary works of art from the Dependent de Artă shop.

June - The most important summer event of the Romanian art market - the Summer Auction - brought together 203 works of art signed by the Great Masters of Romanian Art and which are coming from renowned collections or from the family of famous artists. The most important collections of the Summer Auction were the Istrati-Grigorescu reunited family and Dr. Valeriu Tempea. Alongside the important works from the prestigious collections, other important works also made an appearance, such as that signed by Ioan Andreescu, perhaps the rarest of our great masters. Andreescu's work 'Country Houses' was sold for €55,000. At the same time, the most widely auctioned work was 'Journey', signed by Sabin Bălașa, which has conquered the audiences of successive generations since the 1980s. The auction price of the work, which was auctioned for 11 minutes, was €50,000.
The Romanian Folk Art Auction, which was held in the new auction format - Timed Online Auction, recorded a 71% auction rate. The event held on the eve of the Universal Day of the Ia, which is celebrated in Romania on June 24th, brought before the lovers of traditions an impressive selection of Ia folk costumes from renowned collections. The Romanian Folk Art Auction brought together, in addition to clothing items, about 200 other pieces of traditional art, reflecting the richness of Romanian folk culture. The festive costume, made of a mare sewn with metal thread, from the Vrancea area, was sold for €1,200, and the bronze mill from 1512 from the collection of Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuță was sold for €2,250.

July - For the first time, the A10 Auction House by Artmark is dedicating an exclusive auction to urban pop culture. 'Toyz. Contemporary Collectibles' brought together the most valuable pairs of sneakers in Romania, created as a result of rare collaborations between famous sneaker brands, legendary personalities or famous brands in the fashion industry, but also video games, comic-inspired figurines or unique skateboards. The gentlemen's favourite toys were the Harley Davidson motorcycles. The VL 1930-1936 model was sold for €24,000, and the XLH 1000 sportster for €10,000. A first for the auction was the pair of 'Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG' sneakers, which bear the holographic signature of artist Selly. The model in the auction went for €600, and is one of the newest declinations of the legendary Air Jordan 1. The funds raised from the auction were donated to the Romanian Red Cross campaign to support the #totilascoala (#allinschool) campaign, an initiative launched by Selly to prevent school dropouts.
The A10 Auction House by Artmark is auctioning for the first time in Romania the fundamental books of the Romanian language: 'Biblia de la București' ('Bible from Bucharest'), which was sold for €36,250, and 'Cazania lui Varlaam' ('Cazania of Varlaam'), which was sold for €8,500. The rare copies come from the historical collection of the famous literary critic Șerban Cioculescu.
Sabin Bălașa has once again conquered collectors and art enthusiasts with his blue universe. In the Postmodern and Contemporary Art Auction, which had an auction rate of 64%, the work 'Museum' was sold for €27,000, and 'Mistress of the World' for €15,000, followed by 'Adolescence', which sold for €13,000. This way, contemporary art remains an increasingly attractive option for collectors and investors in Romania, offering aesthetic enjoyment and value growth potential.
Corneliu Vadim Tudor's latest art collection, considered a cultural treasure reflecting the politician's tastes and passions, was auctioned at an event dedicated to modern and contemporary Romanian art. The most coveted artists of collectors and art enthusiasts remained Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Vermont, Constantin Piliuță or Ștefan Câlția.
The largest private collection of ancient and medieval coins, most of them related to the Romanian circulation area, ended the auction season in an event dedicated to universal numismatics. The most valuable piece of the auction was sold for €7,000 - the gold LEI 20 coin from 1870, graded XF 40.


January - The first art auction of 2022 suggested a graphic collection counting over 100 pieces by some of the world's greatest artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, René Magritte or Henri Matisse. For the first time, Salvador Dali is present with the highest number of works auctioned in Romania - 22 items. The "From Manet to Koons" Event The auction of a European Graphic and Sculpture Collection registered a sell-through rate of 91%

February - The first charity event organized by Artmark in 2022 was dedicated to children with severe hearing impairment living in the country's disadvantaged areas, in support of which Romanian contemporary artists and art collectors have donated 21 works of art. The "Arta Azi" ("Art Today") Event the Contemporary Art Auction registered a sell-through rate of 85%.
Artmark organizes the first charity auction dedicated exclusively to digital art in NFT format. The auctioned works were signed by contemporary artists such as Eurosadboy, Latifundiar, Liviu Mihai, Alexandru-Claudiu Maxim, Wanda Hutira, Alina Cioară, David Flusberg and Marian Codrea. All funds collected following the sale of digital art batches in NFT format were directed towards the programme "Citește-mi 100 de povești" ("Read Me 100 Stories") initiated by Asociația OvidiuRo. The "NFTs for OvidiuRo" Event. Romanian Digital Artists Charitable Sale registered a sell-through rate of 100%.
During the Postmodern and Contemporary Art Auction, the large dimensions artwork "Călătorie Galactică" ("Galactic Journey"), signed and offered by Maestro Sabin Bălașa in 2010 is auctioned for the record amount of 60,000 Euro.
The Romanticism and Art Nouveau Auction marks an exceptional sale worth 13,000 Euro for a monumental Daum Nancy layered glass lamp, which was probably the largest glassware item ever appearing on the Romanian decorative art market.

March - With a total of almost 1.25 million Euro, the Spring Auction is the best one in 2022 and, at the same time, the best Spring Auction of the last 10 years. Remarkably, most artworks being auctioned within the event were sold for amounts that exceeded the maximum estimate stated by the House's specialists. The highest places in sales were ensured by Nicolae Grigorescu with "Peisaj la Câmpina" ("Landscape in Câmpina"), sold for 95,000 Euro, followed by paintings by Nicolae Tonitza: "Tătăroaica Abibe" ("Abibe the Tatar Woman"), sold for 90,000 Euro and "Afize", sold for 85,000 Euro. The auction registered a sell-through rate of almost 90%.
The famous Enigma crypting machine, used in Germany during the Second World War, was sold during the History of Technique Auction, for 95,000 Euro.
Artmark dedicates an event to the Chintilă family of artists. The "Ars Longa" Auction, including artworks and memorabilia which belonged to the family of artists, gathered works by Spiru, Simona, Andrei and Matei Chintilă, but also collection items cumulated throughout time, registering a sell-through rate of 86%.

April - Artmark organizes one of the most varied and heterogeneous auctions ever - the Historical Art Auction, including a numismatics and maps collection. It gathered an impressive collection of coins in limited edition, old maps, rare swords, but also documents and vintage photographs holographically signed by great personalities, registering a sell-through rate of 73%.
As a premiere for the Romanian art market, during the event "Vechi și Nou. Licitația de Artă decorativă, inclusiv o colecție de scaune" ("Old and New. The Decorative Art Auction, Including a Chairs Collection"), there was the special appearance of a silver equestrian statue by the famous Neapolitan artist Attilio de Luca. The piece, symbolically named "Centurione", weighs approximately 30 kilograms and was sold for 38,500 Euro.
The Sacred Art Auction registered the highest value with the sale of the icon on wood "Răstignirea Domnului" ("The Crucifixion of Christ"), which was sold for 12,000 Euro. The cult item belongs to the Romanian school and was executed during the reign of Neagoe Basarab (the first decades of the 16th Century).
On the 20th of April, the "Collector's Cellar" was opened and a batch of over 200 fine beverages was auctioned. For the first time during an Artmark auction, a special lager collection makes an appearance. An unexpected result was obtained by the Springbank 50 whiskey, which was sold for 12,000 Euro, having an opening bid of 1,500 Euro.

May - The Contemporary Art Auction opens the series of events organized by Artmark, and Ștefan Câlția becomes the key artists, establishing new records. The artist's work, "Lumea ca teatru" ("The World as a Theatre"), having the largest dimensions appearing on the public art market to this date, registers a record result - 75,000 Euro. Other two creations by Ștefan Câlția, "Fata cu papagal" ("Girl with Parrot") and "Clovn cu papagal" ("Clown with Parrot"), were sold for 49,000 Euro and respectively 13,500 Euro. The charity section dedicated to Asociația Help Autism, aimed at raising funds for 100 autistic children from Romania and Ukraine. Delia, Mihai Bendeac, Ana Maria Brânză, Smiley, Andi Moisescu, Cătălin Scărlătescu, Micutzu, Iulia Albu, Cabral, Anna Lesko, Cătălin Botezatu, Mihai and Elwira Petre, Dan Bittman and Mircea Lucescu have offered unique experiences in order to give the 100 children the opportunity to take part in a children's camp for the first time in their lives.
The largest collection of Rolex watches, together with the jewel-watch especially created for Queen Elisabeth of Romania, were put up for auction within an event dedicated to elegance. The extremely rare watch was sold for 33,000 Euro.
Also during the Elegance Auction, a Renault sports car, purchased by the Ceaușescu family and offered to their daughter Zoia Ceaușescu as a wedding present, was sold for 20,000 Euro, having an opening bid of 500 Euro.

June - With total sales of approximately 1.1 million Euro, the Summer Auction climbs on the 4th place in the history of the semestrial auctions by the House of Artmark. At the same time, a new record for online participation was established: almost 500 online participations, registered and bidding from over 10 countries, the tightest competition taking place between collectors from Romania, Germany, Hungary and North America. "Pe Bucegi" ("Shepherd on the Doftana Valley") by Nicolae Grigorescu, was sold for 196,000 Euro, becoming the most significant sale from the last 5 summer auctions.

July - During the 3 events, over 700 batches were put up for public auction - postmodern and contemporary works of art, Romanian and European artworks, but also collection books and photographs.
The first event of the month - the Artmark Postmodern and Contemporary Art Auction - cumulated total sales of over 300,000 Euro and a sell-through rate of almost 80%, becoming the second-best end of year contemporary art auction on the art market during the last 10 years, being outpaced only by the Contemporary Art Auction of July 2020. The top of the sales was led by Sabin Bălașa, whose work "Mesaj de pace" ("Message of Peace") was sold for 30,000 Euro, starting from an opening bid of 3,000 Euro. Bălașa was followed by artist Ștefan Câlția, whose work "Iarnă" ("Winter") was sold for 20,000 Euro.
The last auction of this season, dedicated to rare books and collection photographs, registered a total of 130,000 Euro, becoming the best book auction of 2022, but also the best book auction organized by Artmark. The record was established by the oldest Romanian historical document put up for auction to this date - the property deed issued by Alexander I of Moldavia (Alexander the Good) in 1412, sold for 31,000 Euro.
Artmark launched the new online auction platform - Artmark Live 2.0, which replaces the old platform Artmark Live 1.0, launched more than 10 years ago, in 2011, which was, at that time, among the first of its kind in Europe and worldwide. Encompassing the latest technological developments, the platform ensures 100% confidentiality of the data being transferred between the user and the auctioneer, using the method "end-to-end encryption", and it also offers a more intuitive menu and new options for users.

September - The new season of the Romanian art market started with no less than five auctions which brought together over 1,000 works of art or collectibles. The first auction of the season – ‘Art Today’, the new segment of contemporary art, brought together contemporary art, sculpture and digital art in NFT format. The top of the auction was led by Adrian Ghenie, the best rated contemporary Romanian artist at international level, whose work ‘Storm at sea’ was awarded for €25,500, followed by Felix Aftene, artist from Iasi, whose work ‘Kiss’ was awarded for €9,000. The ‘Art Today’ event brought art enthusiasts and collectors back to the auction hall of the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace. The auctions were conducted in hybrid format.
The auction of the patrimony of an art gallery in Bucharest recorded an auction rate of 85%, which brought to art lovers and collectors works of guaranteed authenticity, representative of the Romanian art, signed by painters such as Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady or Paul Verona. The second event of September supported the enthusiasts and the collectors in order to build an art collection.

October - The most significant event of the Romanian art market, Top 100 Great Masters of Romanian Art, recorded total sales of €808,150 and an auction rate of 76%. Theodor Aman's 'Still life with cherries, apricots and tobacco' was the star of the show, being awarded for €70,000. During the same event, a selection of historical works, made around the years of the War of Independence, signed Gheorghe Tăttărescu - 'Metropolitan Bishop Nifon, Primacy in Ungro-Wallachia', 150 years old, and 'Calinic Miclescu, Metropolitan Bishop of Ungro-Wallachia', which was made by the official artist of the Royal House, Carol Popp of Szathmari, 143 years ago, made their first appearance.
The symbol of the American industry, a perfect Ford Mustang, was awarded for €70,000 at the Bridal elegance event. The GT Fastback sports car was, at the time of its introduction, one of the fastest production cars in the world.
It was recorded for the event a 91% auction rate, which brought together over 500 coins, chronologically organised and perfectly illustrating the history of Romania. The most coveted piece was the LEI 100 gold coin from 1922, which sold for €12,000.

November - The A10 Auction House by Artmark announces its expansion into Croatia and Bulgaria. The two branches in Sofia and Zagreb will carry out a professional cultural promotion activity by organizing exhibitions and thematic auctions of art and collectibles. By expanding its professional activity in Bulgaria and Croatia, A10 Auction House by Artmark confirms its commitment to a democratic model of social development of culture, to which A10 has consistently contributed in Romania over the last 15 years, with regard to Romanian art and cultural identity. This way, A10 by Artmark will contribute, through the valorisation system specific to the public art auction framework, to the modern and transparent organisation of the neighbouring art markets, and to the aggregation of a cultural economy, representative of the art and history specific to the East of the European Union.
A10 by Artmark auctioned for the first time the first book written in Romanian, Cazania lui Varlaam (Cazania of Varlaam), which sold for €12,000. The collector's copy offered collectors, bibliophiles and history buffs access to a masterpiece of medieval Romanian culture, the pinnacle of any collection.
'From Classic to Contemporary - The Auction of a Bucharest Art Collection' offered art enthusiasts and collectors a selection of 159 works that had starting prices under €1,000, making it a special opportunity for a smart investment. The response from the auctioneers was in line with the event dedicated to classical and contemporary art - an auction rate of 82%.
The largest collection of folk costumes, along with Greek antiques and Ottoman yachts were auctioned at the Traditional Art and Antiques Auction, which recorded a 79% auction rate. The most valuable piece of the auction was the gilded bronze Ottoman helmet, which was sold for €7,500, followed by a first in the Romanian art market - 152. the impressive khanjar dagger, with white jade handle, specific for the Mughal Empire, India, which was sold for €5,000.
For the first time on the Romanian art market, works from the collection of the writer Marin Sorescu, together with contemporary art works signed by top artists were brought together in the event that recorded an auction rate of 72% - the Postwar and Contemporary Art Auction.

December - The Winter Auction recorded an auction rate of 76% and total sales of €854,550, an increase of 5.7% over the October Autumn Auction, which had a total of €808,150. A total of 255 paddles participated in the auction (of which 66% online, and the rest in person in the hall of the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace or by phone), of which 89 were awarded. The top of the auction was led by Ștefan Luchian, whose work 'Autumn', which comes from the Victor Antonescu historical collection, was sold for €90,000.
The Good Deeds Auction - the first charity fundraising event in Romania met the humanitarian objective of the 10 participating Foundations and Associations, raising €200,000 for the participating causes.
The Christmas Auctions dedicated to collectors' watches and jewellery also saw top sales. The gold Rolex Daytona watch with diamonds was sold for €45,000 and the spectacular gold necklace by designer Lisa Sotilis, who created jewellery for Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, was sold for €6,000.
The long-awaited Rare Whisky and Collector's Wine Auction had a 99% auction rate, and the most spectacular awarded item was the 14-year-old Macallan Samaroli whisky, which sold for €7,000. The whisky was bottled by R.W. Duthie in 1984 especially for Osteria Apostoli in Milan. Samaroli is perhaps Italy's most revered independent whisky bottler. The collector's wine segment was represented by the Romanee-Conti Echezeaux bottle, a limited edition from 1996, which sold for €2,100.
The last event of 2022, organized by the A10 Auction House by Artmark, was dedicated to Romanian numismatics. 'The Numismatist's Cabinet - Auctioning a Collection of Coins, Medals and Plaques' spanned two millennia of history and brought together over 200 pieces, many of them rare ones, disputed and of museum value. During the event, the 'The First Chamber of Romanian Deputies' silver medal, from 1859, made an unusual appearance. The extreme rarity was awarded to members of the First Chamber of Deputies of the United Principalities, and was sold at the last auction for €3,500.


January - The Romanian art market continued its slight upward trend in the first half of 2021, despite the restrictive nature of the pandemic period, generator of a worldwide crisis.
At the start of the year, the House of Artmark comes to collectors' aid, offering them a Romanian and European art batch of over 400 works of art, at an opening bid of only 100 Euro. The two events opening the 2021 auctions series registered a sell-through rate of 98%, offering art lovers the possibility to start building their own collection.

February - The luxury edition of Barack Obama's memoirs "A Promised Land", containing the author's holographic signature, was sold in just 10 minutes, for 7,500 Euro. The collected amount of money was completely redirected towards the "Citește-mi 100 de povești!" ("Read Me a 100 Stories!") programme, initiated by Asociația OvidiuRo. The programme aims to transform the approximately 4,500 Romanian public kindergartens in library kindergartens by 2025, encouraging the activity of reading with children in kindergarten and within the family.
The event opening the series of February auctions was followed by the Graphic Art Auction of an important Collector from Bucharest, but also by brand new Good Deeds. This time, it was for the Brașov Art Museum. Two graphic works by Pablo Picasso were put up for auction during the second charitable section, in order to contribute to the rehabilitation of the permanent exhibition space within the Brașov-based cultural institution. Hence, "Nud albastru" ("Blue Nude") was sold for 2,000 Euro, and "Nud pe fotoliu" ("Nude in the Armchair") for 2,250 Euro, the money covering all the necessary expenses for the refurbishment of the 6 rooms of the Brașov Art Museum. The Graphic Art Auction of an Important Bucharest Collector, which took place online on the Artmark Live Platform, registered a 100% sell-through rate.
The most expensive Mărțișor presents were gathered within the last February auctions. Artmark allocated two days for those looking for the perfect present from an impressive collection of approximately 400 exclusive, vintage or contemporary jewels. The most valuable present was sold for 15,000 Euro - a spectacular bracelet in white gold, ornate with diamonds.
The first contemporary art auction of the year reunited around 200 works of art, signed by names like Brâncuși, Cădere, Brauner, Baba, Perahim. Adrian Ghenie was present with two large works of art, which were sold for amounts exceeding estimate prices - "Untitled" - 129,000 Euro and "Nova" - 110,000 Euro.

March - The end of the first semester of 2021 indicates total art sales of 3.06 million Euro, compared to the first semester of 2020, with a total of 2.77 million Euro, therefore there was an increase of approximately 10% (compared to the first term of 2019, with a total of 2.35 million Euro, there has been an increase of approximately 24%).
The 4 auctions of the March session, the Spring Auction, the Technical Curiosities Auction, the Contemporary Sculpture Auction and the studio auction of Romanian Avant-garde artist Eva Cerbu, were concluded with an average sell-through rate of 88% (408 batches of the total 460, which had an average bidding increase of 243% compared to the opening bid).
The most important event of the season - the 23rd of March Spring Auction, registered a sell-through rate of over 91%. The event's record was set by Adrian Ghenie, with his youth artwork "Energia" ("Energy"), sold for 155,000 Euro - which is also Ghenie's Romanian record as an artist. Ghenie was followed by an adorable child portrait by Nicolae Tonitza, entitled "Micuța unguroaică" ("Little Hungarian Girl"), which was sold for the round amount of 100,000 Euro.
An interesting sale, offering a rare show, was an "Enigma M2" crypting machine, which increased from an opening bid of 9,000 Euro to the selling price of 135,000 Euro. The sale took place during the event dedicated to technical rarities.
An absolute sell-through rate (100%) was registered by the Eva Cerbu Studio Auction, the first art auction dedicated exclusively to one artist.
A remarkable visual show was offered by the Contemporary Sculpture Auction, which registered a sell-through rate of 92%. Romanian contemporary artist Darius Hulea registered the authorship record - 16,000 Euro for his work "Venus la oglindă" ("Venus in the Mirror"), which had an opening bid of 9,000 Euro.

April - A premiere appearance in Romania was the creation by Constantin Brâncuși - "Le Crocodile", which is part of the famous sculptor's series of studio experiments worked in lead. The work of art, executed by Brâncuși in 1949, had an opening bid of 3,000 Euro and was sold during the Postmodern and Contemporary Art Auction for 24,000 Euro. The most valuable artwork of the event belonged to Adrian Ghenie - "Fallen Angel" being sold for 41,000 Euro.
Artmark hosted the charity event "Pentru Luca" ("For Luca"), dedicated to a 5 year' old boy with a complicated medical condition and in need of an urgent stem cells transplant. Hence, Gheorghe Zamfir, Paula Seling, Iuliana Tudor as well as other great artists of the Romanian scene, became goodwill ambassadors and joined the charitable cause. Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir donated his pan pipes, accompanied by a holographic letter signed by the artist, where he tells the story of his musical instrument and certifies its authenticity. The collection piece was sold for 6,000 Euros. Paula Seling also joined the cause, by donating an icon painted on wood, depicting St. Mina, patron saint of children and of the deprived, the item being sold for EUR 1,200.
Together with the 1688 Bucharest Bible and Varlaam's 1643 "Cazania", the 1652 "Îndreptarea Legii" ("Correction of the Law") represents the most important codex issued on the Romanian territories during the Middle Ages. The specimen was sold successfully during the Sacred Art Auction, for a substantial value of 11,000 Euro, almost three times the value of the opening bid.
The month of April saw collectors' favourite whiskey - Macallan, being put up for auction. The specimen from the "Collector’s Cellar" - Wine, Champagne and Whiskey Auction, was an exceptional one for the local market, a fact confirmed by the spectacular sale, almost four times the opening bid - 7,500 Euro. This auction also included a charitable sale, namely the batch consisting of a Glenfiddich Grande Couronne limited edition, single malt, matured for 26 years, and a pair of sole specimen cufflinks created by designer Alexandru Ciucu. The funds were redirected towards Fundația Art Society, with the purpose to encourage the creative activity of young Romanian artists.

May - Rombac 1-11, an airplane used for Presidents' Ion Iliescu and Traian Băsescu official flights, was sold during the Elegance Auction for 165,000 Euro, setting a transaction record for 2021. During the same event, the plane "Super-One-Eleven" was also put up for auction, this plane having been used for Nicolae Ceaușescu's flights for 4 years, between 1986 and 1989. The story of the plane, as well as the affordable opening bid, set the tone for a close struggle between curiosities collectors, the plane being sold for 120,000 Euro, almost five times the opening bid. The plane was bought by a technology-enthusiastic American collector, who, at a later date, donated the aircraft to the National Museum of Romanian Aviation.
Also during the Elegance Auction, six vintage cars were put up for auction. One of these was the Paykan Hillman-Hunter, received by Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1974 as a present for being elected President of the Socialist Republic of Romania, from the last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The collection car was sold for 95.000 Euro.
A historical premiere for the House of Artmark: it hosts the 10 years' anniversary celebration of the renowned Bucharest-based AnnArt gallery - the gallery of famous Romanian artists. Artmark made its auction platform available, in order to promote and sell some of the most important names in the gallery's portfolio - Ștefan Câlția, Gheorghe Fikl, Francisc Chiuariu, Mircea Roman, Sorin Ilfoveanu or Felix Aftene. One of the most remarkable auctioned pieces was the work "Culegătoarea de Vâsc" ("Girl with Mistletoe") by Ștefan Câlția, sold for 30,000 Euro.
A Contemporary Art Auction brought a rarity for the Romanian art market. The sculpture "Alice in Wonderland" by Salvador Dali was sold for 17,000 Euro.
Another rare appearance during the event "De la icoane maramureșene la pictură flamandă" ("From Icons from Maramureș to Flemish Painting"). The Auction of an Eclectic Collection was the one signed by artist Karl Kaufmann. The artist’s presence on the Romanian art market is very rare, and the value obtained proves that he had been awaited by experienced collectors. The price for "Port of Vienna" increased 15 times the minimum estimated value, the auction being concluded at 30,000 Euro.

June - Summer Auction An event within the event, the summer auction of the Romanian art market had a distinct section dedicated to a family collection belonging to painter Ion Țuculescu, comprising 46 components, namely the Șerban Țuculescu-Maria Galaction historical collection, which included not only works by Țuculescu, but also by Tonitza, Steriadi, Neo-Romanian furniture or manuscripts by Gala Galaction. The most important artwork of the auction turned out to be "Noaptea orașului" ("City Night") by Ion Țuculescu, auctioned for 140,000 Euro. The internationally recognized masterpiece "The Piano" by Nicolae Vermont, was auctioned for 110,000 Euro, establishing a new authorship record. This session enjoyed total sales of almost 1,290,000 Euro and comprised also a charitable section dedicated to the victims of domestic violence.
Actors, artists, journalists, designers and renowned Romanian personalities gathered in support of the event "O lume mai frumoasă" ("A Better World"), by donating personal objects in order to be put up to auction for a charitable cause initiated by Hospice Casa Speranței. The goodwill ambassadors included the Ambassador of Great Britain in Bucharest, H.E. Andrew Noble, Prince Grigore Ghyka, actors Ada Condeescu, Matei Dima (BRomania) or Monica Bîrlădeanu, journalist Amalia Enache, artists Francisc Chiuariu or Irina Dragomir, designers Mihai Grama or Laura Hîncu, choreographer Răzvan Mazilu, but also comedian Cosmin Nedelcu (Micutzu).
9 graphic works by famous artist Banksy were put up for auction during the Sânziene Auction - the Bujoi family European Graphic Collection, which registered a sell-through rate of 90%. The event brought into focus Banksy's most representative themes and symbols on the Romanian art market. The highest value was registered by the "Girl with Balloon" batch, which was sold for 5,000 Euro.

July - The A10 by Artmark Auction House organizes the first auction including digital art made by contemporary Romanian artists, in NFT format, and accepts payments for the works of art to be made in cryptocurrency as well. Another premiere within the Contemporary Art Auction was the first religious art batch, crypted in NFT, signed by painter Daniel Codrescu, iconographer of the National Cathedral. The digital art batch "Cea mai înaltă decât Cerurile (Maica Domnului cu Pruncul – Platytera)" ("Higher than the Sky (Holy Mother with Child - Platytera)") was sold for 2,250 Euro, the funds being donated towards the finalization of the People's Salvation Cathedral.

September - As a premiere in Romania, one of the most important numismatic collections was put up for auction. The collection, consisting of 133 Romanian coins, representing modern Romanian numismatic, originated from a European collector and was sold for 200,000 Euro.
The Contemporary Art Auction also included a charity section dedicated to supporting the activity of the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists and contributing to the renovation of Combinatul Fondului Plastic. Putting up for auction the works donated by UAP (Union of Plastic Artists) members starting from the unitary price of 100 Euro, not only was a premiere for A10 by Artmark, but was also a proof of openness towards beginner collectors and an invitation to become acquainted with the mechanisms of the art market. The first contemporary art auction of the season registered a sell-through rate of 73%.
A new Marketplace was developed, focusing on interior design - the decorative art auctions organized by the A10 by Artmark Auction House gather collections of decorative items, vintage paintings, vessels made of rare materials, pieces of furniture executed in famous European or traditional Romanian studios.

October - During the most significant event of the Romanian art market, the Autumn Auction, artworks by great masters of Romanian art were put up for auction. These works of art originated from two historical collections: Ionescu-Quintus și Boroianu-Burileanu. Registering a sell-through rate of over 90% and an approximate value of 1.5 million Euro, the total sale became the best art auction of 2021. At the same time, the Autumn Auction succeeded in being the most valuable auction of this season from the past 3 years - in 2019, it cumulated an inferior total auction value, namely 1.48 million Euro, being outpaced only by the December 2019 Winter Auction, organized before the pandemic, with 1.76 million Euro. The event's sales record was set by Nicolae Tonitza with his work "Catrina", which was sold for 110,000 Euro.
Over 400 collection coins, among which Romanian modern coins as well as the rarest golden coin, were put up for auction during the "Din tată în fiu" ("From Father to Son") event. One of the auction's centrepieces was the 100 lei golden coin, coined in 1940 by Carol II of Romania, which was sold for 13,000 Euro.

November - The manuscript drafted by Emil Cioran during the creation of "Cartea Amăgirilor" ("The Book of Delusions") was sold for 7,000 Euro during the Rare Books, Maps and Manuscripts Auction. The price increased 6 times within the auction, starting from 1,800 Euro, becoming a batch's highest selling value. Another impressive evolution was the one of Dimitrie Cantemir's book - "Istoria Imperiului Otoman" ("The History of the Ottoman Empire"), containing 22 engravings illustrating sultans' portraits, and being sold for 6,000 Euro. The last 4 years have confirmed the old books, manuscripts and maps auction category, hence 2 profile auctions are organized each year.
6 rare cars, vintage, yet perfectly functioning models, were put up for auction within the Elegance Auction. The most valuable "jewel" on four wheels was a 1966 Ford Mustang, which was sold for 24,000 Euro.
Adrian Ghenie remains a representative name for Romanian contemporary art, as he registered, once again, impressive results. The work "The Knight of Death" was sold for 70,000 Euro during the Contemporary Art Auction, including a Celebrities Collection, which registered a final sell-through rate of 80%.

December - Almost 1 million Euro and a sell-through rate of 85% - these are the results of the Winter Auction. The highest place in sales is held by Nicolae Grigorescu, whose "Fata cu oglindă" ("Girl in the Mirror") was sold for 70,000 Euro. An impressive result was registered by Ștefan Câlția with his work "Vânzătorul de pește" ("The Fishmonger"), which was sold for 41,000 Euro, representing an absolute record for the artist within an auction. An impressive auction, which offered a rare show, was that of the work "România descătușată" ("The Modern Romania"), signed by the Romanian painter of the 1948 generation Gheorghe Tattarescu, which was sold for 16,000 Euro, double the maximum estimate.
The icon on glaze "Maica Domnului Îndurerată" ("Grieving Holy Mother"), by Father Arsenie Boca, was sold during the Sacred Art Auction for 17,000 Euro, being the event's most coveted item. Over 30 sacred art enthusiasts and collectors were interested in the collection piece, offering 49 auction steps in 15 minutes. The records established during the Sacred Art Auction indicate a regional market appreciation: a sell-through rate of approximately 80%, a sales total of 184,000 Euro, making it the best religious art auction in 2021, with a duration of over 5 hours.
Artmark launched the first charity event in Romania gathering together 6 charitable organizations aiming to support humanitarian causes. The A10 by Artmark Auction House contributes to the first-time organization of a 2021 charity balance event, by making the auction platform available, and offering logistical support in order to provide concrete aid, to the 6 organizations participating in the project - Fundația Agent Green, Asociația Blondie, Red Cross Romania, Fundația Digital Nation, Fundația Hope and Homes for Children and Asociația Veteranilor. Donation of over 200,000 Euro were collected for the 6 humanitarian causes.


January - Year 2020 started off with an all-time record on the Romanian art market. The first auction of the year organized by Artmark registered sales of 100% for artworks signed by Dali, Picasso, Magritte or Matisse, completed by a collection wine auction. Hence, Romanians' brand-new taste for the symbols of modern art, as well as their animated interest in the development of their own collections, were confirmed during an European graphics auction and the auction of the wine cellar of a Bucharest-based restaurant.

February - A premiere on the Romanian art market consisted of the first descending-price auction, which was also a rare occasion for art lovers and all those wanting to invest in paintings and jewels. The so-called Dutch auction included the Romanian and European art and jewellery batch of a famous Bucharest-based gallery.
Contemporary Romanian artists return with artworks of a special virtuosity, for the first contemporary art auction of 2020. Adrian Ghenie remains at the top of contemporary art collectors' preferences - his work "Untitled" was sold for 33,000 Euro, being followed by Ștefan Câlția, whose work "Fata cu aripi" ("Girl with Wings") was sold for 26,000 Euro.
Works from the prestigious Ion and Lucrezia Pacea art collection registered spectacular results, exceeding the maximum estimate. The best-sold work from the Pacea collection was the "Ulcior cu albăstrele" ("Jug with Cornflowers") pastel by Ștefan Luchian, for the amount of 20,000 Euro.

March - Artmark donated 5% of the auction house's income linked to the March and April auction sessions to the urgent purchase of high-performance medical equipment and ensuring financial support for the over-worked frontline Romanian medical staff. The first donation, which opened the call to solidarity, was redirected from the Spring Auction income, the most important heritage art event of the first term.
Nicolae Grigorescu, who holds the highest place in the Top 100 Grand Masters of Romanian Art, obtained the amount of 220,000 Euro for his painting "Țărăncuță cu fuior pe cale" ("Peasant Girl with Distaff on the Alley"). The entire auction was a success, registering a total value of 1.2 million Euro and a sell-through rate of 95%. The largest diamond ever put on sale in Romania was sold during the Jewellery Auction for 46,000 Euro. The precious 8.59 carat diamond was put up for auction together with other approximately 200 collection jewels exceeding the total value of 2 million Euro.
The love letters between the father of modern sculpture, Constantin Brâncuși, and one of the famous sculptor's sweethearts, Florence Meyer, were the centrepieces of the "O poveste de dragoste" ("A Love Story") auction. Brâncuși's correspondence, as well as other important papers from a writer's collection. The 15 letters have amounted to almost 40,000 Euro.

April - The last opportunity launched by Artmark in the pandemic context was an Icons Collection Auction, with over 150 cult objects defining the new market, representing placements inspired by times when there was no financial balance, but also a treasuring method. The icons and artefacts of the Orthodox world form a special category for the world's great collectors, regardless of the territory and school of origin (Russian, Greek, Cypriot, Serbian etc.). A rare appearance was represented by the icon on wood "Maica Domnului cu Pruncul (Hodighitria)" ("The Holy Mother with Child"), executed in Wallachia during the reign of Michael the Brave, which was sold for 10,000 Euro during an auction registering a total sell-through rate of 95%.
Under the aegis of Hanul cu Tei 1833, A10 by Artmark has put up for auction a batch of 500 Romanian classic and contemporary paintings using a unitary opening bid of only 100 Euro per painting. The event closing the April auction series registered a sell-through rate of approximately 100%.

May - Contemporary art auctions, a developing segment, got us into the regular habit of reaching new absolute authorship records on each edition. This time, the most coveted Romanian contemporary artist, Adrian Ghenie, holds the highest sales spot in the first auction of the month of May - his work "Natură statică în atelier" ("Still Life in the Studio") was sold for 20,000 Euro.
The biggest watches collection in Romania was put up for auction - 121 watches produced between 1950 and 2019, most of them being limited editions, amounting to a total value of over 2 million Euro manufacturer or listing price. An impressive Rolex appearance, within an Important Watches Collection Auction, was the Day-Date President model. The sale value doubled the opening bid, obtaining a record for a collection piece of this calibre - 30,000 Euro. However, the highest selling value was registered by the contemporary model Richard Mille RM030, sold for 112,500 Euro.

June - Ștefan Luchian comes back into great art collectors' focus with a work of a museum importance - "Vas cu garoafe" ("Vase with Carnations"), sold during the summer event of the Romanian art market for 125,000 Euro. The Summer Auction registered a sell-through rate of 90% and a total value of over 1 million Euro.
During an Avant-garde Collection Auction, the interventions photograph by Victor Brauner and Ilarie Voronca, from the period when the 75HP magazine was published, was sold for 8,000 Euro. The photograph comes from the collection of Lena Constante, the wife of Harry Brauner, the artist's brother. The collection piece was sold for more than double the opening bid, reaching the second place in the top photography transactions of 2020.

July - July started off with the best Romanian contemporary art auction of the year to that date, registering total sales of approximately 400,000 Euro. The artwork signed by Ștefan Câlția, "Ianus pe apă" ("Ianus on Water"), was sold for 37,500 Euro, the young street artist Obie Platon, whose large-sized work "99 Problems" started from 4,500 Euro and was sold for 18,000 Euro, as well as Roman Tolici, whose diptych "Bloody Silence" was sold for the first time in a public auction for 8,750 Euro. The auction also included a charitable component, a donation towards the Red Cross National Society, with artworks such as "After Dinner Critique" by Marius Bercea, sold for 8,000 Euro, or "Măștile" ("Masks") by Vlad Olariu, sold for 4,500 Euro.
In the Gold and Silver Auction, the commemorative medal containing the effigy of Saint Sergius of Radonezh, worth 5,000 Roubles, made of 24k gold and weighing approximately half a kilogram, was sold. The 30,000 Euro selling price placed the medal in a private collection from abroad.
A rich collection counting over 100 graphic works, signed by the most renowned modern painters - Dali, Picasso, Magritte, Matisse, Modigliani or Chagall, was put up for auction on the 14th of July, on occasion of the Bastille Day. All the works included in the last auction of July had unitary opening bids of only 100 Euro, and the event's result was spectacular - a sell-through rate of 100%.

September - The new season of the Romanian art market started off with an absolute record. The first two art auctions, actually the two parts of the same Auction of a Bucharest-based Art Collection, registered sales of 100%. Approximately 500 Romanian and European historical or contemporary paintings were auctioned starting from a unitary opening bid, specific for heritage clearance auctions (organized under the aegis of Hanul cu Tei by Artmark). Therefore, the Auction of a Bucharest-based Art Collection registered a total sale of over 300,000 Euro, confirming the affirmation trend of the new public's interest, not just the one of famous collectors.
During the Auction of a Contemporary Art Gallerist's Collection, a few authorship records, at least for the Romanian space, were established. Therefore, the photograph made by Constantin Brâncuși to his stonework featuring Baroness Renée Franchon's portrait and originating from the collection of the famous Brâncuși connoisseur Barbu Brezianu, was sold for the amount of 16,000 Euro, an absolute record for a Romanian photograph. The Auction of a Contemporary Art Gallerist's Collection also brought a sales record for a wooden sculpture by Paul Neagu, namely 14,000 Euro for an artwork from his Hyphen cycle.

October - The longest auction in history for the A10 by Artmark Auction House - 8 hours and 20 minutes - the Autumn Auction - Top 100 Grand Masters of Romanian Art, registered total sales of 1.464 million Euro and a sell-through rate of 85%. Nicolae Grigorescu's masterpieces held once again the leading role, the 4 auctioned paintings amounting to 167,500 Euro. The most intensely auctioned work was "Țărăncuță cu mărgele albastre" ("Peasant Girl with Blue Beads"), which was sold for 95,000 Euro (increasing the estimate of the Auction House by 25,000 - 45,000 Euro). However, the auction's top sales spot was not held by Grigorescu, but by Nicolae Tonitza, his portrait "Irina" being sold for 120,000 Euro. Also during the Autumn Auction, a masterpiece of old Romanian painting was sold. Mihail Töpler, the most important portrait painter of the early 19th Century, registered a new record for the superb portrait of "Vorniceasa Smaranda Manu" ("Smaranda Manu, the Vornic's Wife"), from the collection of Constantin George Manu's descendants, being sold for 19,000 Euro.
The ranking of the items registering the highest increase within an auction is led by "Micul Prinț" ("The Little Prince") - 9 lithographies by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, auctioned in 43 steps, for 13 minutes and 8 second, being sold for 15,500 Euro. The batch was part of an Avant-garde Collection Auction, part II.
The Interior Design Auction, one of the longest auctions of its kind, lasting approximately 7 hours, registered a sell-through rate of 85% for the 241 batches. The most disputed piece was the Chess Table from Nicolae Ceaușescu's collection, which started from 350 Euro and was sold for 16,000 Euro, after 42 steps offered by over 50 online participants.

November - Remarkable personalities of the Romanian society, journalists, professional sportspeople, have donated collection items in order to support the cause of the Army Veterans Associations, that of building the first medical recovery centre for Romanian army officers who fought to defend the country, or in international warfare theatres such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Bosnia. On the other hand, contemporary Romanian artists have donated their own works of art in order to support the cause of Fundația Hospice Casa Speranței, raising funds in order to ensure free palliative care for terminally ill children.
The Contemporary Art Auction, the reference point on the Romanian contemporary art market, makes available to art collectors works signed by the greatest contemporary artists of our times, such as Corneliu Baba, Ștefan Câlția, Adrian Ghenie, Sabin Bălașa, Gheorghe Fikl or Mircea Cantor. This edition's record is held by Adrian Ghenie, whose work "Untitled" was sold for 110,000 Euro, becoming his 4th painting to exceed the 100,000 Euro milestone.
2020 also brought the Romanian book record. Emil Cioran's "Amurgul gândurilor" ("Twilight of Thoughts") manuscript was sold for 19,000 Euro during the Celebrities and Autographs Auction.
The watch of records is put up for auction - Richard Mille RM005, a rare specimen, especially created for Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa, being also the brand's first automatic watch. The coveted model was executed in a limited edition of 40 pieces, and the model sold for 75,000 Euro bears number 3.
The Antiques and Curiosities Auction brought a rarity to the Romanian art market - a beautiful 1940 Mercedes-Benz, a model used during the famous pursuits from Sergiu Nicolaescu's movies, sold for 29,000 Euro. Another special appearance was a Jeep Willys, which was part of the equipment of the US Army corps detached in South Korea in the 1950s. The car was sold for 19,000 Euro starting from an opening bid of 5,000 Euro.
Year 2020 also confirmed a decorative arts division which is seldom present in auctions, namely that of collection tapestry. An exceptional Qum Persian silk carpet is sold for 6,500 Euro during the Swords and Tapestry Auction.

December - The first auction dedicated to Romanian dissidence is organized, being specifically dedicated to one of the most prominent Romanian feminine personalities of all times - Doina Cornea. Among the 25 items that belonged to Doina Cornea, there was also one of the 3 dolls she used as vehicles for the clandestine delivery, towards important personalities from abroad, of texts about the state the country was in. The doll was sold for 700 Euro.
The Winter Auction had a sell-through rate of 83% and a total value of over 1 million Euro. The highest place in sales was held by Nicolae Grigorescu. His works were sold for 85,000 Euro - "Trandafiri sălbatici" ("Wild Roses) and 57,500 Euro - "Frumoasa rucăreancă" ("The Beautiful Girl from Rucăr").
The price record for the theme of feminine elegance, namely 32,500 Euro, was registered in December during the Christmas Auction - Collection Bags and Wines, by an exceptional Hermes "Constance 24" crocodile skin bag, in the colour Rose Scheherazade.
2020 also brings the national price record for an icon on glass sold by auction. Therefore, a large glaze icon, made around 1770-1780 by house painter Ioniță from Brașov, one of the first Romanian iconographers on glass, and illustrating the biblical scene of the "Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary", was sold for 7,000 Euro during the Sacred Art Auction.
For the Christmas celebrations, the A10 by Artmark Auction House joins the cause of "Save the Children Romania", supporting children from disadvantaged social and economic environments, by making their promotion platform available for "Save the Children Romania". The initiative aims to raise funds in order to provide these children with the necessary equipment for home schooling. Hence, Romanian contemporary artists, renowned designers, public figures or showbiz celebrities made 30 fairy tale Christmas trees, which were auctioned during the Christmas Trees Charity Auction, for the benefit of the children supported by Save the Children Romania.


January - The year started off with a famous autographs auction. As a premiere, some manuscripts by great Romanian writers emerged on the Romanian art market. Some of these writers were Alexandru Macedonski, George Bacovia, Tudor Arghezi, Camil Petrescu, Nichita Stănescu. Other items included documents bearing the holographic signature of historical personalities, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Nicolae Golescu, Nicolae Iorga, Iuliu Maniu, photographs signed holographically by George Enescu, Queen Marie of Romania, Princess Elena, as well as a Led Zeppelin concert catalogue, with Jimmy Page's holographic signature. The auction's record was registered by a unique batch consisting of two holographic letters sent by Constantin Brâncuși to his niece Ileana Brâncuși, sold for 11,000 Euro.
Sell-through rate of 89% - this is the result of the second auction of the year. The event was dedicated to Romanian art, and it gathered artworks from the collection of Dutch banker Anthony van der Heijden. The most valuable artwork was "Care cu provizii" ("Oxcarts with Supplies") by Nicolae Grigorescu, sold for 23,000 Euro, followed by "Țărăncuță" ("Peasant Girl"), also bearing Grigorescu's signature, sold for 22,000 Euro.

February - No less than 7 auctions in the shortest month of the year. The first event of the month was dedicated to a refined selection of European artworks, including classics such as Paul Bril, Gerrit Dou, Giovanni Ghisolfi, Carlo Maratta, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Nicolas de Largillière, but also more modern artists such as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, René Magritte and Salvador Dali, many of them originating from Diplomat Vasile Stoica's collection. The highest places in sales were held by "Nașterea lui Iisus" ("The Birth of Christ") by Giambattista Pittoni, the artwork being sold for 20,000 Euro.
At the same time, a sell-through rate of over 80% was registered by the Auction of a selection from 3 Bucharest-based wine collections, the Ion and Lucrezia Pacea Art Collection Auction, the Dr. Anamaria Roth and Dr. Edgar Nicolau Ancient Oriental Art Collection, but also the Jewellery and Decorative Arts Mărțișor Auction. A rate of 96% was registered by the Mărțișor Art Auction, which gathered masterpieces signed by the Great Masters of Romanian Art. The most valuable batch was "Plugul cu boi" ("The Ox Plow") by Nicolae Grigorescu, sold for 37,500 Euro.
A rare auctioned item, from the Anamaria Roth and Edgar Nicolau family heritage, is the fishing permit written in cuneiform from the third Ur dynasty, Sumer, approximately 2000 B.C., sold for 2,250 Euro.

March - Spring Auction: An auction dedicated to the great names of Romanian art - Nicolae Grigorescu, Ștefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Aman, Theodor Pallady and Gheorghe Petrașcu. As a premiere, the event included a collection which was repatriated from the Czech Republic and a collection receded by the National Art Museum of Romania. The Auction registered a sell-through rate of 90% and a sales total of over 1 million Euro. The auction's most impressive artwork was "Nud cu spatele" ("Nude from Behind") by Nicolae Tonitza, which was sold for 72,500 Euro, followed by "Cusătoreasă" ("Woman Sewing") by the same painter, sold for 60,000 Euro. At the same time, the artwork "Hangița" ("The Mistress of the Inn") by Nicolae Grigorescu, classified by the National Art Museum as Treasury, was put back into circuit together with other artworks from the Dr. Ioan Dumitrescu-Popovici collection, and was sold for 40,000 Euro.

April - Time symbols and Contemporary vs. Traditional - the April auctions triad. The most popular contemporary Romanian artist - Adrian Ghenie - is back on the Romanian art scene, as his large-sized artwork "Landscape" was sold for 85,000 Euro during the Postbellum and Contemporary Art Auction.
During the auction dedicated to traditional values, the record was set by the icon on wood "Sfinții Împărați Constantin și Elena" ("The Holy Emperors Constantine and Helena"), with a price of 10,000 Euro. This month's auctions were completed also by a series of exclusive accessories, the most valuable of them being a white gold demi-parure, consisting of a set of earrings and necklace decorated with diamonds, which was sold for 13,000 Euro, but also by a Roger Dubuis Excalibut pink gold watch, sold for 10,000 Euro.

May - The May auctions' session was concluded with results beyond the House of Artmark's estimates. Therefore, the European Graphics Auction, including a selection of sculptures by Salvador Dali, registered a sell-through rate of 98%, the event's centrepiece being Dali's "The Surrealist Angel" sculpture, sold for 10,000 Euro. An impressive appearance was an artwork which participated in an auction at the House of Sotheby's in 2008 - "Păsărarul" ("The Fowler") by artist Stephan Kessler and sold for 10,000 Euro. The artwork "Cathedrale" by Marcel Iancu was sold for 80,000 Euro during the Avant-garde Auction and marked one of the records of Romanian avant-garde. Within the same event, "Tete du premier pas" by Constantin Brâncuși also makes an appearance. It is a sketch that was part of the historical collection owned by Ion Alexandrescu, Brâncuși's carver for the Târgu Jiu Ensemble. The sketch has a sentimental value, serving as a will stating the closeness between the Maestro and his apprentice, the artwork being sold for 47,500 Euro, almost 5 times the minimum estimate.

June - "The Last Show" The Stela Popescu Artist Collection Auction represented a unique insight into the artist's life and brought to the collectors' attention items from the artists' collection, but also a series of photographs, posters, decorative art items, personal objects and awards received throughout her career.
The Summer Auction reaches a result of almost 1 million Euro and a sell-through rate of 86%. Nicolae Grigorescu and Nicolae Tonitza remain among the top preferences of art collectors and enthusiasts, a fact confirmed by the sale of "Ciobănaș cu turma de oi" ("Shepherd with Flock of Sheep") by Grigorescu for 40,000 Euro and "Nud cu spatele" ("Back Nude") by Tonitza, for 35,000 Euro.
A sell-through rate of almost 100% was registered by the Wine Auction, during which French wine Romanée-Conti was sold for 8,000 Euro.

July - Artmark laid an important proverbial brick towards the building of Theatre Grivița 53 through the Postbellum and Contemporary Art Auction, which included a charity section especially dedicated to this project. For this initiative, a series of artists joined in, warranting with their artworks for the unique project dedicated to the first private theatre in Romania to be built with the support of the community. Little Picasso (Alexandra Nechita), Gheorghe Fikl, Mihai Popescu, Francisc Chiuariu and Arantxa Etcheverria are the artists who were challenged to execute 5 works of art of monumental sizes, under the shape of eggs, in order to symbolize the hatching of the Teatrul Grivița 53 project. Francisc Chiuariu obtained the highest value in the charity auction - 7,000 Euro.
During the same event, an artwork signed by Geta Brătescu also made an appearance. Geta Brătescu's presence in specialist auctions is a rarity, and the appearance of an artwork of the level of "Jocul formelor" ("The Game of Shapes") sold for 24,000 Euro was a special occasion.

September - Under the brand Hanul cu Tei 1833, Artmark put up for auction around 700 Romanian and European works of art at accessible opening bids. Contrary to the norm, the first 300 artworks had a unitary opening bid of only 100 Euro, registering a sell-through rate of 94%, whereas the other artworks had an opening bid of only a few hundred Euro, enjoying a sell-through rate of 75%. The artworks presented during the event opening the new season of the 2019-2020 Romanian art market were signed by Theodor Pallady, Theodor Aman, Ludovic Bassarab, Paul Ioanid, Ștefan Câlția, Rodica Maniu Mützner, Henri H. Catargi and Marcel Iancu.

October - The best transaction of the year - Nicolae Tonitza's "Lecția" ("Lesson"), was sold for 190,000 Euro, the artist thus maintaining his leading place in the Top 100 Great Masters of Romanian Art.
The sculptures created by Marcel Guguianu vary from more accessible prices for smaller-sized artworks, reaching important amounts for larger ones, such as "Muza" ("Muse") in the Contemporary Sculpture Auction. This work of art also holds the authorship record, for 42,500 Euro, established within the opening event of the October 2019 auction series.
The event dedicated to Queen Marie of Romania gathered items made by the Queen herself or which belonged to her, but also collection items in Neo-Romanian style. A remarkable result was obtained by the "Lily Chair", probably designed by Queen Marie and executed in the studios of the Sinaia School of Decorative Arts, sold for 2,250 Euro.
Artmark continued the charity tradition and committed itself to supporting the sixth edition of the "Dăruind vei dobândi" ("By Giving, You Will Receive") Auction, dedicated to people who place value on the artistic art. At the 2019 event, Horațiu Mălăele, Rareș Kerecheș, Cristian Pepino, Lia Manțoc or Nina Brumușilă joined in. The amounts collected following the sales were donated to the National Campaign "Artiștii pentru artiști" ("Artists for Artists"), a UNITER project, meant to support artists in need.

November - A unique record on the Romanian art market, where a batch value increased 100 times, from 100 Euro opening bid to 10,000 Euro selling price. This happened during the Charitable Auction for Warfare Veterans, with the hat worn by actor Mircea Diaconu in the movie "Profetul, aurul și ardelenii" ("The Prophet, the Gold and the Transylvanians"). The charitable cause attracted the participation of great artists of the Romanian stage, high-performance sportspeople, politicians or entrepreneurs, who donated personal objects, collecting approximately 24,000 Euro.
An important sale in the collection items' category took place during the Asian Art Auction, where a Huangyang Mu wood Okimono, representing the animals of the zodiac, was sold for 3,000 Euro.
The Romanian contemporary art market established new records in 2019, and the last contemporary art auction of the year registered a sell-through rate of over 85%. The painting signed by Adrian Ghenie, "Untitled", was sold for the amount of 105,000 Euro, hence becoming the best transaction of the year to that point, on the local contemporary art market. Ghenie is followed in the top author records, registered in the Postbellum and Contemporary Art auction, by Horia Bernea with his work "Grădină" ("Garden"), sold for 26,000 Euro. As far as authorship records are concerned, Marius Bercea also positions himself among the top local market key names, with the painting "Model for Echosystem", which was sold for 9,000 Euro. The British Ambassador to Romania, personalities of the Romanian society, as well as Romanian contemporary artists have joined Artmark for cause promoted by the HOSPICE - Casa Speranței, and have contributed to the fundraising activity in order to ensure free palliative care for terminally ill children.

December - Nicolae Grigorescu, Ștefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza, Corneliu Baba, Ioan Andreescu, Ion Țuculescu and Adrian Ghenie turned the Winter Auction into the most important event dedicated to Romanian art of the year. 165 works of art sold during the Winter Auction were sold at approximately 120% the maximum estimate, significantly exceeding the most optimistic estimates of the auction house, and the total value of the auction exceeded 1.7 million Euro. A record result, at least for the Romanian art market, was registered by Adrian Ghenie, with an artwork from the 2006-2009 period, which was sold for 150,000 Euro. The auction's most valuable work of art was "Maternitate" ("Maternity") by Nicolae Tonitza, sold for 175,000 Euro. At the same time, during the Winter Auction, the Arthur Segal transactions record in Romania was established. The artwork "Port în sudul Franței" ("Harbour in the South of France") was sold for 75,000 Euro.
The most expensive item within the Watches Auction was the Franck Muller Casablanca Cintrée Curvex Perpetual Calendar Retrograde watch, which was sold for 26,000 Euro. However, the watch created by Augustin Matei, the only Romanian designer creating sole specimen watches, enjoyed a special attention. The "Voroneț" watch, illustrating on its dial the first register of the Judgement Day scene - "Îngerii împăturind timpul" ("Angels Folding Time"), was sold for 6,500 Euro, becoming part of a private collection.
Wines of a strong character, created for people who changed the world's history, wines that overpassed the centenary, or wines recommended by unbeatably small prices, found their place and filled Romania's new wine supply channel - the Wine Auction, which registered a sell-through rate of over 92%.


January - The first auction of the year brought to the attention of the key stakeholders on the art market works signed by Corneliu Baba, Ion Țuculescu, Paul Neagu, Horia Bernea or Horia Damian, registering a sell-through rate of over 70%. The auction's most valuable artwork was "La fereastră" ("At the Window"), by Ion Țuculescu, sold for 14,000 Euro.
2018 was the year when Nicolae Ceaușescu would have turned 100 years old. A potential centenary was marked by a new edition of the "Golden Era" Auction. Therefore, the second auction of the month brought to the attention of art lovers collection items belonging to the Ceaușescu family - personal items, diplomatic gifts, photographs, or everyday life souvenirs from the people who lived in the "Golden Era" - the famous tie, reference books, posters from those times, vintage home appliances or decorative objects. The object which was closest to the heart of communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu - the hunting hat, was sold for 400 Euro.

February - The Mărțișor Auction reunited painting, sculpture, decorative arts and jewellery, in order to offer art lovers, but also those who are looking for a collection present in occasion of spring celebrations, a broad range of impressive items. The result of 90% sell-through rate proved these people's interest in rare items, each of them with their own story.
Renowned masters of Romanian art offered a multi-dimensional vision of the Romanian society from the portrait's perspective, and the masterpieces were the portraits signed by Nicolae Grigorescu – "Țărăncuță cu năframă albă" ("Young Peasant with a White Veil"), sold for 42,500 Euro and Nicolae Tonitza - "Primăvară" ("Spring"), sold for 40,000 Euro.
As a premiere, the Artmark House organized an event dedicated to writer Zaharia Stancu, where items reminding of the successful novelist's personality were put up for auction: works of art from his collection, but also documents from the journalist's library.

March - The March auctions started with "Viață de artist" ("An Artist's Life") - an event dedicated to actor Radu Beligan's heritage, which also offered an insight into the lives of several key Romanian artists. The event registered a sell-through rate of over 80%, and the most valuable piece was Radu Beligan's desk, accompanied by the Dantesca armchair, sold for 3,750 Euro.
The auction "În intimitatea personalităților" ("In the Privacy of Personalities") allowed history lovers, but also avid readers, to have access to a collection of letters, manuscripts, or historical documents belonging to key figures in history, art or literature - King Carol I of Romania, Queen Marie of Romania, Emperor Nikolai II of Russia, Nicolae Titulescu, Patriarch Nicodim, Constantin Noica and Mircea Eliade. An important result was registered by Vasile Alecsandri's manuscript, the legend "Sfințirea bisericii de la Curtea de Argeș" ("The Consecration of the Curtea de Argeș Church"), dedicated to King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth of Romania, which was sold for 2,000 Euro.
The top spot in sales within the traditional Spring Auction was held by Nicolae Grigorescu, whose work "Casa pictorului de la Câmpina" ("The Painter's House in Câmpina"), was sold for 75,000 Euro. The event, dedicated to the great masters of Romanian art, gathered masterpieces signed by Nicolae Grigorescu, Ștefan Luchian, Theodor Pallady or Gheorghe Petrașcu, the most coveted contemporary Romanian artist, Adrian Ghenie being present as well. His work "Autoportret cu frunză" ("Self-Portrait with Leaf") was sold for 42,500 Euro.
The last auction of the month of March offered access to 219 images of the sacred - extremely rare books and manuscripts, as well as old icons on wood or glass. An unusual appearance was "Psaltirea" ("Psalter") by Nicolae Rațiu de la Cioara (Horia and Cloșca's confessor), which, after a long battle, was eventually sold for 4,250 Euro - over eight times its opening bid.

April - The series of April auctions opened with Princess Marina Sturdza's Collection being put up for auction. In the Princess's memory, contemporary works of art, vintage decorative art items, pieces of furniture, pieces of clothing created by famous designers or jewellery were put up for auction for charitable purposes. Respecting Marina Sturdza's wish, all funds collected following this auction were directed towards the charity organizations supported by the Princess throughout the years: Hope and Homes for Children, Fundația FARA, The Hospices of Hope, Pro Patrimonio and Fundația Sfântul Dimitrie. The most impressive item from this auction was the golden pendant created by jeweller of Carol I, Joseph Resch, sold for 7,000 Euros.
An impressive result was held also by the Authorship Jewellery Auction, which reunited original accessories created by Monica Bîrlădeanu, Alina Carp, Georgiana Ciceo, Anamaria Dobraș, Miklos Lehel, Andreea Mogoșanu, Anca Popescu and Mona Vulpoiu, or from renowned brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, Chopard, Lalaounis, Van Cleef & Arpels. The most disputed item was the Patek Philippe women's watch, sold for 9,000 Euro.

May - This month's events brought total sales of over 350,000 Euro. An unusual appearance was the Eugen and Marga Barbu's heritage Auction, reuniting manuscripts, photographs, Romanian plastic arts, decorative art, as well as pieces of furniture. Within the same month, vintage photographs, rare books, unique manuscripts, decorative art items, letters, seals, medals, engravings, maps and items representing a valuable historical and cultural heritage originating from Ion Ghica's collection, were put up for auction.
"Cafenea la Balcic" ("Cafe in Balchik") by Nicolae Tonitza became the most valuable work of art being sold in the last month of spring - 17,000 Euro. The moment was part of the Orientalism and Marine Auction, which gathered works signed by the masters of Romanian art - Nicolae Tonitza, Iosif Iser, Samuel Mützner, Theodor Pallady, Gheorghe Petrașcu, Carol Popp de Szathmari.

June - The Centenary of the Great Union was marked by the "România Regală" ("Royal Romania") Auction. The event presented almost one century of monarchy in Romania, through a selection of vintage photographs, collection items, letters and documents, books, badges and medals, weapons and watches, plastic arts, as well as decorative artefacts. One of the event masterpieces was a painting in water colours by Queen Marie of Romania - "Regina Nopții" ("Queen of the Night"), sold for 7,000 Euro.
The duplex auction between the Palace of Culture in Iași and Athénée Palace Hilton in Bucharest. During the most important summer event, masterpieces signed by the great masters of Romanian art - Nicolae Grigorescu, Ștefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Gheorghe Petrașcu, Samuel Mützner - were put up for auction. The key artwork signed by Ștefan Luchian - "Gălbenele și ulcior" ("Marigolds and Pitcher"), was brought back to light after almost 100 years and sold for 130,000 Euro.

July - This summer's point of reference for the Romanian contemporary art market - the Postbellum and Contemporary Art Auction registered a sell-through rate of over 83% and a sales total of 252,000 Euro, becoming also an important charity event. Corneliu Baba, whose "Portret de femeie" ("Portrait of a Woman") was sold for 20,000 Euro, was at the centre of contemporary art collectors' attention. The charity section dedicated to Hospice Casa Speranței included artworks donated by artists Ștefan Câlția, Henry Mavrodin or Dan Perjovschi, and the collected funds were directed towards the endowment of the social and medical centre of Adunații-Copăceni.
July's challenge was set by the Noble Games Auction and a wine collection. During the Noble Games Auction, game lovers had access to a rare collection of chess games, mahjong games, tarot cards, but also to a fine selection of wines originating from renowned French and Italian vineyards, During the event, a collection of 79 French wine bottles was sold for 11,000 Euro, and a large-sized game of chess, which belonged to the Ceaușescu couple, was sold for 3,250 Euro.

September - Diversity, prestigious collections and new segments - are the attributes describing September's auctions. From law art to the history of Freemasonry, the events achieved spectacular results. The highest sell-through rate was reached by the Marina Dimitropoulos Art Collection Auction - 91%, during which representative artworks for 1980s art were put up for auction.
The Freemasonry History Auction gave this segment's enthusiasts the opportunity to discover pocket watches featuring Masonic engravings, ritual boxes, diplomas of appointment, ceremony handbooks and decoders, golden Masonic orders, ritual trowels and sceptres, medals and badges, Masonic ceremonial clothing items and many other exceptional collection pieces.

October - The absolute record! The portrait "Țărăncuță cu basma albă" ("Peasant Girl with White Headscarf") by Nicolae Grigorescu, has won the hearts of Romanian art enthusiasts and experienced collectors, becoming Grigorescu's most valuable artwork and an absolute record on the Romanian art market. The work of art, originating from the collection of a State Supreme Court of Law former judge, was sold for 340,000 Euro.
A new episode in the charitable events series - the UNITER Auction, during which rare items from the world of theatre, which belonged to some emblematic personalities of the Romanian society, are put up for auction. The funds collected from selling these items were donated to the charity programme initiated by UNITER - the "Artiștii pentru artiști" ("Artists for Artists") National Campaign. Some of the donors included Victor Rebengiuc, Horațiu Mălăele, Dragoș Buhagiar, Eugenia Vodă, Coca Bloos and many more.

November - Artmark turns 10 years old! The one decade since the establishment of the House of Artmark was celebrated among emblematic personalities from the Romanian society, culture professionals, artists, but also art collectors. 10 years of professionalism on the Romanian art market, 10 years of optimism and 10 years worth of record achievements. As a premiere in Romania, 8 Romanian collections are reunited within the Asian Art Auction. Key pieces from the Far East, originating from important collections of former Romanian diplomats, found their place in new collections in Romania, Asia and Europe. One of the most disputed pieces within the Auction was the Katana sword, executed in 1950 by Japanese Maestro Kinsen, a diplomatic gift for General Leontin Sălăjan, offered by Prime-Minister Nobusuke Kishi. The collection piece was sold for 4,000 Euro.
Postbellum and Contemporary Art continues to be an important field on the art market. Corneliu Baba, Paul Neagu, Horia Damian, Geta Brătescu, Georgeta Năpăruș, Mircea Ciobanu, but also Mi Kafchin, Francisc Chiuariu, Mircea Suciu, Roman Tolici and Ciprian Mureșan are just a few of the artists remaining among the favourites of art collectors and enthusiasts. The leading place in sales is held by Corneliu Baba, whose work "Rege nebun" ("Crazy King") was sold for 17,000 Euro.

December - Total sales of over 1.4 million Euro, a sell-through rate of 87%, new market and authorship records - are the results placing the Winter Auction among the top events concluding the year 2018. The top record in the Winter Auction is held by Nicolae Tonitza - his work "Tătăroaică privind marea" ("Tatar Woman Looking at the Sea") was sold for 210,000 Euro.
The traditional Christmas Auction grants access to an impressive supply of aristocratic items - sole specimen jewels, collection watches, exclusive accessories, but also wines of a sophisticated flavour, originary from renowned French and Italian vineyards. The most valuable gift from the Christmas Auction was the ring in white gold, ornated with an imposing white diamond, sold for 30,000 Euro.
A rare piece appears in Romanian auctions for the first time - a superb golden chest, ornated with the monogram of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and paved with diamonds. The chest seems to have been offered by Franz Joseph to Prince Ferdinand, and several years later Queen Marie offered it to a close friend of the Royal House, in whose family it remained until being sold within the Decorative Art Auction.


July - July brought many pleasant surprises to the Artmark auction house. The two stars of the Collectible Weapons and Military Accessories Auction were long applauded. ENIGMA encryption machine, made in 1941 in Berlin by Heimsoeth & Rinke, was highly desirable, with 7 distinct participants participating in the “battle”. Starting from a price of EUR 9,000, the lot was claimed after 24 bids by an online participant in the country for EUR 45,000. And the Holland & Holland hunting rifle, made for King Carol II and confiscated and modified for Nicolae Ceaușescu, was sold for the amount of EUR 32,500 (starting price EUR 12,000), after 15 bids. With a total of approximately EUR 225,000, the Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction was the best summer auction dedicated to young art from July 2013 to date, which indicates an increasing openness of the art market to established contemporary artists. The auction delighted the audience and brought several author records, including: “Week-end” by Șerban Savu was claimed for EUR 17,000 (starting price EUR 6,000) and “Căi paralele” by Marin Gherasim was sold for EUR 4,000 (starting price EUR 2,000). Also, within the Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction, the work of Ion Țuculescu, “Toteme căzute”, was sold for EUR 60,000 (the second highest price in 2017 for the artist).

June - For the first time in the Romanian art market, the most significant painting by Samuel Mützner, “Curtezane din Shimabara” (estimated at EUR 150,000 - 250,000) was auctioned off. Present in the Summer Auction, the work was sold for EUR 160,000. Also, in the Summer Auction, the painting “După petrecere (Natură statică cu fructe și vin franțuzesc)” by Theodor Aman was claimed for EUR 130,000, and “Carpe diem” by Adrian Ghenie, estimated at EUR 6,000 - 9,000, was sold for EUR 68,000. The Summer Auction had a total award value of around EUR 930,000. The auction for a Mihai Eminescu collection has sparked in turn real passions: “Convorbiri literare”, years I-XXV, and “Poesii”, the full collection of all Maiorescu editions, were sold for EUR 12,000, the first edition in original cover was sold for EUR 10,000, and Mihai Eminescu’s Chest was sold for EUR 7,000. The Vintage Jewellery Auction had a total value of EUR 84,205 and an award rate of around 75%.

May - May was a very busy month: 10 Artmark auctions. The first was the “Images of the Sacred” Auction, in which an icon on wood, Brâncoveanu School, “The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul”, was sold for EUR 10,000, double the starting price. This first auction was followed by: The Auction of a surreal collection (Guttman, Perahim, Ackerman) and the auction “The Harpsichord of Kings. From Versailles to Peleș” - Auction for raising funds intended for the restoration of the historical harpsichord from the Peleș Castle collection. The Auction of an important Modern Art collection had a total award value of EUR 322,700, and within it the work “Crizanteme și dumitrițe” by Ștefan Luchian was sold for EUR 90,000. The “Artist's Universe” Auction brought together a collection of antiques and decorative art belonging to sculptor Shapira Shain. The auction of a Nicolae Vermont’s collection had a total award value of EUR 117,350 and an award rate of 90.48%. In the Sculpture and Garden Furniture Auction, the work entitled “Adio, arme!” by Spiridon Georgescu was sold for EUR 17,000 (starting price EUR 4,000). It was followed by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Auction and the Naïve Art Auction and the last auction of May: Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction had an award rate of 71.88% and a total award value of EUR 239,000. The work “Christ” by Adrian Ghenie was awarded for EUR 26,000 and the sculpture “Double New Hyphen” by Paul Neagu - for EUR 20,000.

March - The first Artmark Contemporary Art Auction in 2017 was the best since the establishment of the Romanian art market. With a total award value of over EUR 450,000, the initial record from July 2013, of EUR 321,000, was broken. Also, at the Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction, the most author records were registered, including: Georgeta Năpăruș – “Animal mitologic”, EUR 13,000 and Sultana Maitec - “Cosmos”, EUR 12,000, and Adrian Ghenie’s “Enigma” got a response after 24 bids and was sold for EUR 80,000. Also, for the first time in the Romanian art market, the Rare Papers Auction put up for sale a selection of European engravings from the collection of Paul Davidsohn, signed by the famous masters Rembrandt van Rijn, Albrecht Dürer, Martin Schongauer and Lucas Cranach. “A Young Man in a Velvet Cap (Ferdinand Bol)” by Rembrandt van Rijn was sold for EUR 9,000. The Spring Auction had an award rate of 81.50% and a total value of EUR 953,650. The star of the auction, “Bretonă la Brolle” by Nicolae Grigorescu, was sold for EUR 140,000, and “Orientală” by Theodor Aman - for EUR 95,000.

February -the Memorabilia Sports Auction - “History of a symbol: Oțelul Galați” was a unique one. In this auction, the FC Oțelul Galați Brand was sold for EUR 10,000. The Corneliu Vadim Tudor Collection Auction also took place this month. The following were auctioned off: a fragment of the pedunculate oak of Țebea, rare books, handwritten letters, old icons on wood and glass, but also a Chrysler LX 300C (EUR 12,000). The “Mărțișor” Auction had an award rate of over 88% and a total exceeding EUR 280,000. The star “trinkets” were: "Țărăncuță cu fuior" by Nicolae Grigorescu (sold for EUR 45,000), "Drum de țară" by Ioan Andreescu (sold for EUR 35,000) and "Fetiță blondă" by Nicolae Tonitza (sold for EUR 22,000).

January - We started the year with two important auctions: Portrait Masters Auction, including a collection of George baron Löwendal, and Camil Ressu Atelier Auction, both recording an award rate of over 85%. The stars of this session were the following artworks: "Copil cu fundă verde" by Nicolae Tonitza (awarded at the maximum estimated price, EUR 120,000), "Țărăncuță din Rucăr" by Nicolae Grigorescu (sold for EUR 55,000) and "Aișé" by Camil Ressu (sold for EUR 47,500).


December - This Edition brought joy to Artmark house and not only, setting a new absolute record of the art market. The painting “Țărăncuțe (De la fântână)” by Nicolae Grigorescu was sold for a record figure of EUR 320,000. The work has an exceptional artistic value, which is also proven by the interest shown by collectors during the Artmark auction. Grigorescu therefore comes back on the leading position of the top of best-selling artists in the Romanian art market. The auctions of December ended with a total of EUR 1,328,110.

November - The auctions of November ended with a total of approximately EUR 515,000. The stars of the Post-modernism and Contemporary Art Auction were the work “Jurământ (Amprente pe covor)” by Ion Țuculescu, sold for EUR 40,000, and the painting “La pyramide rouge” by Horia Damian (EUR 13,000). The pocket watch of poet Mihai Eminescu, awarded for EUR 19,000, confirmed that the “History of Romanians” is always alive. The Halfon-Elias Family Collection Auction brought important names from the European art present for the first time in the Romanian art market, such as the work “Le Rêve” by Alfred Boucher, awarded for EUR 35,000. The Interior Auction managed to keep up: the Louis XV style fireplace set was awarded for EUR 5,500, and the work “Sat de pescari” by Gustave Vorel was sold for EUR 5,000.

October - The event of October was the Artmark Autumn Auction, which ended with a total of approximately EUR 610,000, with an average award rate of 93%. Artist Adrian Ghenie entered the Romanian market with the work “Christ” (EUR 125,000), in the elite of the major artists sold with over EUR 100,000, also becoming the best-selling author in the avant-garde and contemporary segment (in front of Victor Brauner, awarded in 2013 for EUR 120,000, and respectively of Ion Țuculescu, awarded in 2011 for EUR 105,000).

September - The auction session of September has prompted an important cultural decision for Romania. Therefore, following the Constantin Brâncuși Auction, the collector who claimed 9 lots of the 11 sold made the decision to initiate the creation of a museum space dedicated to “Constantin Brâncuși - the man”. The future museum will contain personal artefacts of the great artist. The events of this month brought a total of almost EUR 400,000. Records were registered in the case of the following lots: “Hătmăneasa Maria Cantacuzino” by Mihail Topler (EUR 12,000), “Item created by Constantin Brâncuși, knitting needle set made with Ballor Torino vermouth stoppers for female painter Natalia Dumitrescu” (EUR 6,500, starting from only EUR 1,270), “Flori de toamnă” by Constantin Piliuță (EUR 7,500) and “Micuța păstoriță” by Nicolae Vermont (EUR 2,500).

July - The auctions of July ended with flattering results for the Romanian art and book market - the best sold Eminescu lot of the Great Romanian Poets auction was the Maiorescu first edition - EUR 15,000, the most valuable book award in a Romanian relevant auction; in the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction, the sculpture “Edgerunner” by Paul Neagu was sold for a record amount of EUR 25,000.

June - In a room that turned out to be too small, the Summer Auction obtained an award rate of almost 80% and total sales of around EUR 580,000. The over 20% new participants, successful bidders for the first time in a public auction, have contributed to a quite a show, all against the backdrop of conservative estimates and temperate expectations.

May - The month of May brought at Artmark a new author record for the famous artist Geta Brătescu, her work, “Vestigiu”, being awarded for EUR 17,000, by EUR 10,000 more than the previous record.

April - The April auction session ended with good results, with several memorable awards, with a total of over EUR 235,000 and the best award rate, of 94%. Sabin Bălașa charmed the audience with his “Muse”, which almost equalled the artist’s author record, the work being sold for EUR 17,000, while the Porsche Junior 108T Tractor was sold for EUR 13,000.

March - The long-awaited results of the Spring Auction were significantly above the estimates made by the house experts, with an award rate of over 85% and a total exceeding EUR 311,000. Also, in the March Auction Session, the Auction for the Collection of philosopher Emil Cioran stood out, with an award rate of 90% and spectacular increases.

February - The February 2016 Auction Session ended with a total of approximately EUR 400,000 and those who sought gifts or trinkets with a story chose their pieces with which they will surprise their loved ones. The Post-modern and Contemporary Auction also brought a personal record for an engraving by Roman Cotoșman, which was sold for the first time with an amount four times higher than the starting price, of EUR 2,750.

January - January 2016 brought a very valuable result for the Romanian art market - EUR 105,000 for the Flag of a legion of Avram Iancu, this being technically the maximum value offered, the real, symbolic and national value remaining invaluable, untranslatable in numbers for all of us, forever.


December - The highlights of the gift month at Artmark were the total of over EUR 600,000 and the author record of EUR 10,000 for the contemporary artist Mircea Suciu.

November - The November auctions brought a new author record for Ion Grigorescu (“Măști”, sold for EUR 15,000) and the best result in the last two years for Ion Țuculescu (“Metamorfoză”, sold for EUR 65,000), as well as a number of spectacular increases (by 18 and 22 times respectively compared to the starting price in the case of a text bound belonging to General Antonescu and, respectively, a Modern Geography of Dacia dated 1862) for numerous documents with museum value within the Auction “Collection of a Romanian. Corneliu Vadim Tudor”.

October - The 27/29 October Auction Session set a total of EUR 650,000, bringing a new author record for Sabin Bălașa (“Flori de măr”, EUR 18,000), as well as many important results for Ion Țuculescu, Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Hans Mattis Teusch or Octav Băncilă. The spectacular awards included the Breguet watch (EUR 16,000) and the Romanian Battle Flag, from the period of Mihai I (EUR 1,600, from EUR 250).

September - September brought two important records in the Romanian art market: EUR 160,000 for the work “Natură statică cu căpșuni” by Theodor Aman and EUR 26,000 for the famous stamp “Cap de Bour 27 parale”, becoming the most valuable stamp sold in Romania at an auction.

July - The last auctions in the 2014-2015 season, from the seaside, the Orientalism auction and the Navigation and Hunting auction, brought a total of EUR 200,000 and an average award rate of over 75%.

June - The Summer Auction brought a total of almost EUR 500,000, with an award rate of approximately 80% and 107 participating paddles. The most interesting result was the equality between Nicolae Tonitza and Theodor Pallady, both obtaining EUR 73,000 for the traded works. The new author record of Octav Grigorescu (“Oraș pe apă”, EUR 5,500) was also remarkable.

May - The 26/28 Auction Session brought the first auction in 2015 with an award rate of 100%, the Auction “2 Masters of Romanian Values: Ludovic Bassarab and Honoriu Crețulescu”. An impressive result was also the full award of the Theodor Aman engraving collection (almost EUR 30,000). The total of the two auction evenings exceeds the amount of EUR 400,000.

April - The Spring Auction brought the most important result for 2015 in the Romanian art market. Nicolae Grigorescu’s “Țărăncuța cu fuior” won the title of star of the evening and the applause of the auction room, being awarded for the value of EUR 85,000.

March - The first auction ever dedicated to the great artist Sabin Bălașa took place in March, which resulted in an award rate of 100%. The Avant-garde and Contemporary Auction brought a new record for the contemporary artist Ion Grigorescu (Biserica, EUR 13,000), and the party membership card of Nicolae Ceaușescu from the “Golden Age” Auction was awarded for the amount of EUR 2,000 (increasing by more than 6 times). The month was also marked by an important change in Artmark management, writer Horia-Roman Patapievici becoming the new President of the Auction House.

February - The first Artmark auction of the year gathered over 250 art lovers, collectors and connoisseurs, bringing a total of almost EUR 300,000 for all the three collections. With 75 distinct participating auction paddles and an average of award rates of 74.32% (Lucia and Dr. Ionescu Collection being awarded at a rate of 90%), the “3 Collections and 3 Collectors” Auction enjoyed the attention of the whole audience throughout the event.


December - The Christmas Auction recorded an award rate of 85% and a total of approximately EUR 165,000, the results being by 50% higher than in 2013. The absolute star of the auction was Nicolae Ceaușescu’s car, the Paykan Hillman-Hunter limousine, which exceeded the starting value by almost 10 times, bringing EUR 37,000 in 43 bids. The last Artmark event of 2014, the Winter Auction, enjoyed the presence of approximately 500 art lovers, an award rate of almost 90% and a total of almost EUR 650,000, also bringing several unexpected author records.

November - The Autumn Auction - Top 100 Grand Masters of Romanian Art, held in the evening of November 19, confirms the growing interest for sculpture, which was proven by the absolute record of artist Dimitrie Paciurea. Awarded for the amount of EUR 70,000 (the previous record was EUR 2,500), the work “Himera Pământului” ensured for Paciurea a significant ascent in the Top 100 Grand Masters of Romanian Art. Other important acquisitions were: “Fetița Acrobatului” by Nicolae Tonitza (awarded for EUR 75,000), “Car cu boi” by Nicolae Grigorescu (awarded for EUR 62,000), “Spaima” by Corneliu Baba (awarded for EUR 40,000), “Vedere spre Place Dauphine” by Theodor Pallady (awarded for EUR 42,500).

September - The September 23/24 Auction Session inaugurated the new season of the art market with a total of half a million Euros. The two premières, the “Corneliu Baba and the Disciples” Auction and the “20th Century Ceramics” Auction enjoyed an auspicious start, attracting the attention of experienced collectors. On the other hand, the Romanian Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Auction has proven (again) its supremacy, gathering over 250 people enthusiastic about art, from simple enthusiasts to true connoisseurs, with an award rate of almost 75%. The stars of this session were Grigorescu’s painting “Fetița în roșu”, awarded for EUR 60,000, and two works through which Corneliu Baba consolidates his author record of EUR 50,000 (“Copilul arlechinului” and “Prolog, Răscoală, Epilog” Triptych).

July - The evening of July 10, in which the Postwar & Contemporary Sale took place, added on the list of Romanian contemporary artists some promising names for the Romanian art market and even for the international one. Some for the first time, others already listed in the art auctions and who have obtained notable author records, brought together a total of almost EUR 140,000. The other auction of the evening, Judaica, brought a total of almost EUR 50,000, with an award rate of 75% and confirming the importance of this event for the Romanian multicultural life. On July 27, the Marine and Sailing Auction brought a total of over EUR 117,000, while the Elegance and Vanitas Auction brought over EUR 120,000.

June - The evening of the Bucharest-Cluj Duplex Summer Auction (June 10) brought a lot of spectacular awards. The surprise of the evening was the large number of Cluj art lovers (around 300) who took on the challenge of participating in the first art auction of such scale in their city and who competed with Bucharest residents (approx. 350). The Summer Auction had a total of almost EUR 600,000 and an award rate of 83%. June 24/25 Auction Session brought a total of over EUR 330,000. The audience proved again a particular interest in the life of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, the proof being the record amount offered for his office furniture (EUR 55,000, 5 and a half times more than the starting price). But those present in the auction room were equally captivated by the fine art of old masters, Ioan Andreescu being the success of the June 24 evening. The surprises of the session included the increased interest of trophy collectors in the Riding and Hunting Auction, the auction having an award rate of almost 90%.

May - The month of May brought an award rate of 100% for the Margareta Sterian’s Heritage Auction, from an important German collection, therefore proving that she is one of the most appreciated Romanian artists. At the same time, the Military and Antiques Auction brought spectacular awards in the collectable chapter, of which we mention a silver badge, the Guard Artillery Regiment, with the figures of Kings Ferdinand and Carol II, being purchased for EUR 1,800 (15 times more than the starting price).

April - the Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction of April 8 brought three important author records. A new record for Horia Damian, through the work “Eve endormie”, purchased for the amount of EUR 11,000. He is joined by the contemporary artist Diet Sayler, with a record of EUR 6,500 for the work “Construcții pentru mâine”, as well as by Corneliu Brudașcu, with the work “Înger”, awarded for the amount of EUR 6,000. The evening of Wednesday, April 16, started with a rapid pace imposed by wine enthusiasts who awarded 80% of the total lots of the wine section, then continued by participants who purchased 100% of the lots of the icon section within the Traditional Values Auction, which had a total award rate of 77.78%. The Jewellery Auction brought spectacular increases for the “Lily of the Valley” brooch, which was awarded at the value of EUR 1,000 (four times the starting price), the “Sapphire flower” pendant, also purchased for the amount of EUR 1,000 (compared to a starting price of EUR 280) or the emerald and diamonds ring (which climbed from EUR 450 to EUR 1,600)..

March - The March 6 evening brought at the “Gen. Constantin Doncea Collection" and “Golden Age” Auctions almost 750 participants in the room and in the virtual environment, through the online auction platform, Artmark Live. Doncea Collection turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the art lovers, which was proven by the award rate of 92.31%, the total award amount being EUR 263,670. Two author records were set, through Gheorghe Anghel and Richard Hette. With an award rate of the lots of 84.74% and a total of EUR 57,605, the “Golden Age” Auction was considered a success on the relevant collectibles market in Romania. The 2014 Spring Auction took place at the end of March, bringing 221 actors of the art market, which raised their bidding paddles, online or directly on the stage of the auction, 350 video-viewers, over 300 participants in the room, a total of EUR 642,750, an award rate of 82.47%, a record for Oscar Han (EUR 12,000) and other spectacular awards.

February - The Auction Session organised by Artmark during February 18-20 continues Artmark tradition of “Mărțișor” Auctions, bringing on the stage of the Romanian art market two author records for Constantin Isachie Popescu, who set a value record of EUR 6,000 with the work “Intimitate”, and for George Nichita, whose painting, “Reculegere”, became the best-selling work of the artist (EUR 4,750, almost double the maximum estimate). The first auction evening turned out to be one of the most expected evenings by the online enthusiasts of miniature Romanian art masterpieces, Artmark Live being used by 1,700 different visitors, with 17,000 views at an interval of 10 minutes. Within the Curiosity Cabinet - Art of Photography, Music and Writing Auction, the star lot was a rare item, a Wurlitzer Jukebox from the 1950s, which was awarded at the price of EUR 20,000, 10 times more than the starting price. It is worth mentioning in particular Nicolae Tonitza, with the star lot of the evening, “Pregătiri de masă (Interior IV)”, purchased for the amount of EUR 85,000, which thus becomes the best-selling painting of Tonitza dating from the painter's "red" period (1919 - 1923).

January - The art market comes with novelties in 2014 for the most dynamic segment, the contemporary art, following the auction dedicated by Artmark in the evening of January 28. The Post-modernism & Contemporary Auction brought, at the first edition of this year, author records - including that of Georgeta Năpăruș (EUR 12,000 for the work “Prapor”, compared to the previous record, of EUR 8,000, recorded by Artmark, in April 2013) or the record of Constantin Flondor (EUR 4,750, for the work “Înmugurire”, compared to the previous record, of EUR 2,000, recorded in 2011 at Artmark) - important premières of artists with good sales internationally (such as Daniel Spoerri, EUR 2,000, over three times the estimated maximum value, for the collage on cardboard "Tableau piège"), promising results of young contemporary artists (such as Ugron Reka, "Freedom", awarded for EUR 2,250). Total sales exceeded EUR 200,000 and the award rate of the lots amounted to 73%.


December - An award rate of 97%, total sales of around EUR 1.2 million, a record number of distinct participating bidding paddles (283), the longest series of lots awarded consecutively (134 lots) - all these confirm that the Winter Auction, Anniversary Edition “Artmark - After 5 Years” was a breakthrough. The event in the evening of December 18, organised at the Romanian Athenaeum in the presence of over 600 art lovers, participants in the room and online (it is worth noting the record of online participation, through the Artmark Live service - 110 online participants), recorded results that place it as the best auction of 2013 in Romania.

November - The White-Black Auction organised by Artmark in the evening of November 21 confirms the growing interest in graphic works made by great Romanian artists, both heritage and contemporary. With revenues of EUR 105,000, an award rate of 80% and 111% compared to the maximum estimates of the House, respectively with 10% over the sales of the profile auctions of 2011 and 2012 and the record for the most expensive drawing sold on the Romanian art market - EUR 11,000 for “Visare, Portretul Zettinei Urechia” by Nicolae Grigorescu, double the starting price -, the auction allowed a comparative analysis of the graphic of important artists, established primarily as painters. The second auction of the evening of November 21, the “Enlightenment Romania - First Lights” Auction, also recorded a percentage increase of over 10%, where a rare copy of a book by Dimitrie Cantemir sets the record: „Istoria Creșterii și Descreșterii Imperiului Otoman” (History of the Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire), sold for EUR 8,000, double the starting price. In comparison, in 2012, a copy of the “Descrierea Moldovei” (Description of Moldavia) volume, by the same author, was sold for EUR 5,000.

October - From the miniature "Cadâna" of the old master Theodor Aman to the "Ritualic object" of the contemporary Victor Man, the Autumn Auction brought to the approximately 400 participants from the Great Hall of the Radisson Hotel a dialogue and a confrontation of generations of artists on the art market. Dedicated to the Romanian artists also present in the recently launched Top 100 made by Capital, 2013 edition, the Autumn Auction recorded on Friday evening total sales of around EUR 900,000 and an award rate of 84%, results that make it the most successful event in the art market this season and the second most important this year, after the Spring Auction (EUR 1 million).

September - The Romanian Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Auction confirms the popularity of the works integrated in this artistic current and the value of its great masters (Grigorescu, Tonitza, Petrașcu, Ressu etc.) in the Romanian cultural space. With revenues of almost EUR 600,000 - a figure almost 50% higher than the starting value of the lots - and a high participation - 113 distinct participating paddles, an award rate of 87% - the Artmark auction is a good tool to measure Romanians’ preferences in terms of valuable, established art.

July - The Romanian contemporary art market confirms from one edition to the next the constant upward trend. Artmark announces the highest total values in the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction. In the evening of July 10, total sales amounted to EUR 322,000 - a 22% increase compared to the average of the house's previous estimates. They are also by 11% higher than the previous record of contemporary art revenues, of the Artmark auction of April 2013, respectively by 33% higher than the average of 2012 auctions. At the same time, the highest award rate was recorded (92%, compared to the previous record of 89%), the most bidding paddles in a Romanian contemporary art auction (105) and almost 20 author records.

June - The Summer Auction brings for Artmark total sales of EUR 750,000, a high award rate, of 93%, which highlights the current trend on the Romanian art market, encouraged by the accessibility of the works, an opportunity for collectors. Among the important results of the auction, we mention: “Noapte bună!” by Nicolae Tonitza, awarded for EUR 90,000, “Narcise și lalele” by Theodor Pallady - for the amount of EUR 33,000 or “Viața la țară” by Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpăna - for the amount of EUR 28,000.

May - The third edition dedicated by Artmark to the Old Masters registers the best result of 2011 to date: total revenues of approximately EUR 450,000 (compared to the 2011 and 2012 editions with 13% and 50% higher respectively) and an award rate of 94% (with 14% higher compared to 2012 and 9% than in 2011). At the same time, the Old Masters of Romanian Painting Auction brings a new author record: EUR 150,000 for the masterpiece "Ulcică cu flori de câmp" by Ioan Andreescu, compared to the previous record, of EUR 135,000, recorded in the 2011 edition. The painting “Întoarcerea de la târg”, signed by Nicolae Grigorescu, was sold for EUR 150,000, while the small “Vas cu garoafe” by Ștefan Luchian, coming from the famous Bogdan-Pitești collection, was awarded for the amount of EUR 40,000.

April - The circle of art investors is widening. The session of six auctions organised by Artmark during April 16-18 brings total sales of EUR 800,000, an award rate of 80% for the almost 500 lots proposed, with almost 400 distinct participating paddles, at a total audience of around 700 persons. The status of the art market in the crisis period relies on price affordability, an excellent opportunity for investors to enrich their collections, respectively for novices in this market segment - to acquire the taste of an elegant and safe investment.

March - The Spring Auction established itself at Artmark as the best result so far for the Romanian art market in 2013, in terms of both total sales, reaching the amount of EUR 1 million, and the award rate, of 97% (the best award rate of an auction in Romania, after the Artmark anniversary auction, in December 2011).

February - The auction session organised by Artmark during February 19-21 brings three exceptional results for the Romanian art market: the profitability index of the Romanian art market (ART-C=Art Consacrat) reached an all-time high, of 3182 points; Victor Brauner adds to the 7 great Romanian artists with record-sales of over EUR 100,000 in the Romanian market, with the award of the work “Poetul Geo Bogza arată capului său peisajul cu sonde” at a price increasingly close to the value of the Romanian painter on the international market; at the same time, a new record of total online awards for an auction session - EUR 207,660 (over 25% of the turnover of the auction session in February).

January - The Romanian art market opens the year on the right foot: the two auctions conducted in the evening of January 30 at Athénée Palace Hilton, the Important Romanian Art Auction & the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction, bring for Artmark total sales of EUR 800,000, an award rate of 88% and over 100 author records. Contemporary art has an increasingly defined shape on the relevant Romanian market, recording an increase by 20% compared to the previous record, the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction organised in November 2012, respectively a 27% increase compared to the average of the relevant auctions organised by Artmark last year.


December - Total sales of over EUR 1.6 million, an award rate of 95.5%, 10 new author records and a podium monopolised by the masterpieces of painter Nicolae Grigorescu, this is the status of the Art Lovers Gala - the Christmas Auction, the best auction for the Romanian heritage art, which ends the year 2012 on an optimistic note.

November - With total sales of over EUR 600 thousand, an average award rate of almost 80%, an average rate of reaching the maximum limit of evaluation of over 80% and an audience of around 600 persons, the November 13, 2012 Auction Session, focused on the diversity and accessibility of artwork and collectibles put up for sale, has reaffirmed Romanians’ potential for art investment, in the stimulating context in which, at international level, the largest auction house in the world registers outstanding amounts (USD 345 million, Sotheby’s record in the 268 years since establishment, was set on the same evening of Tuesday, November 14, 2012, when Artmark was holding the Art Nouveau Auction). With total sales of EUR 240,000, an award rate of 83.12% (64 of the 77 proposed lots) and the most distinct participating paddles (96), the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction opens the November 13-15 Auction Session on an optimistic note. The total sales is the highest in the short history of relevant auctions (the fifth contemporary art auction, the first being organised only in April 2011) and creates good expectations for the future evolution of contemporary art on the Romanian market.

October - The fourth edition of the Autumn Auction reflects a clear evolution of the Romanian art market at the level of established artists, in the adverse context of significant RON depreciation, compared to the previous years: the 2011 Autumn Auction (EUR 1,000,000), the 2010 Autumn Auction (EUR 745,000), the 2009 Autumn Auction (EUR 300,000). With total sales of EUR 1,045,000 and an award rate of 96.3% (130 of the 135 proposed lots), the Autumn Auction - Great Masters of Romanian Painting is part of the series of successful events of the domestic art market, bringing back to the limelight positions already established by the best rated artists in the Top 100 most valuable Romanian painters - Nicolae Tonitza, Nicolae Grigorescu, Camil Ressu, Theodor Pallady, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Ion Țuculescu, Marcel Iancu, Theodor Aman or Gheorghe Petrașcu. October - Capital Magazine launches at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace Top 100 most valuable Romanian painters, the first ranking in Romania made on this topic. The classification was made by Artmark experts based on the evaluation of each artwork traded in public auctions, retaining exclusively the author records registered in the analysed period. The first edition of the collection album "Top 100 most valuable Romanian painters" also contains a supplement with the most beloved female painters and sculptors, the most valuable contemporary artists, artists established abroad and top 25 largest art collectors in Romania. October - The second edition of the Royal Romania Auction organised by Artmark successfully reconfirmed the tendency of diversification of the Romanian art market. With an award rate of 72.66% and total sales of EUR 65,000, the event marks the first auction dedicated to collectibles in the art year 2012-2013.ecare de 72,66% şi un total de vânzări de 65.000 de euro, evenimentul marchează prima licitaţie dedicată obiectelor de colecţie din anul artei 2012-2013.

September - Artmark opens the autumn auction season on an optimistic note. Total sales of approximately EUR 1 million an award rate of 92.45%, in the first important event of the year 2012-2013: The Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Auction.

August - Artmark organises the first vintage car auction in Romania. Culminating with exceptional results and an award rate of 100%, Artmark opens a new segment of the luxury market.

July - The second international auction takes place, Mamaia – Monaco duplex: Art Impressionniste et Moderne & Bijoux. With an award rate of 98%, the auction reaffirmed the originality of Romanian painting in the Western world, undoubtedly coming ahead of a key chapter in the history of Romanian art, that of repositioning heritage art in a European context.

June - „Ciobănaș cu turma de oi” by Nicolae Grigorescu was sold for EUR 195,000, within the first international Artmark event, the 2012 Summer Auction, in Bucharest-Chișinău Duplex, a first in the regional art market. With a total of around EUR 1.35 million and an award rate of 96% of the number of lots, the auction brought 20 author records to Romanian and Moldovan heritage artists, also recording a participation performance.

May - The special Artmark auction "The Most Beloved of Earthlings" showed the popularity of the childhood theme in the Romanian heritage and contemporary art. 83% of the lots were awarded, with total sales of over EUR 222,000, and the main lot of the evening, the painting “Copil în rose” by Nicolae Tonitza, was sold for EUR 75,000, the beating of the hammer being reserved for one of the 21 children invited to plead, in front of a full room, for as many exceptional paintings and sculptures. May - The May Theme Auction Session proposed around 400 exceptional pieces, from antique paintings, to fine silver pieces, from sculpture, to antique furniture and curiosities. The auctions brought total sales of around EUR 400,000, accumulated during three event evenings, which attracted numerous new participants in the hottest market of the moment. The first auction exclusively dedicated to decorative artistic creations in silver, bringing total sales of around EUR 100,000, was received with interest by participants, who opted for functional and ornamental objects with accessible values.

April - The activity of the Artmark Institute of Art Management was inaugurated with the first session of intensive courses, focused on the needs of investors and collectors, an engaging introduction to art history and the workings of the art market. April - the selection of the thematic auction session combined masterpieces from important collections - awarded at a rate of 100% - with sculpture pieces and garden furniture, a thematic première. The Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction followed, with the highest award rate of the number of lots for this segment, 89%, sign of increased confidence in the works of the famous artists of the last half century. The second day of auctions brought the Art Nouveau, Romanticism and Biedermeier Auction, which culminated with the sale of the masterpiece “După baie” by Ștefan Luchian for the amount of EUR 85,000, an author record for a pastel painting by Luchian. The evening continued with the Rare Wines Auction and Military and Antiques Auction, which proposed an impressive collection of collectibles, some true museum pieces.

March - The 2012 Spring Auction offered over 200 major Romanian artworks, at affordable values, in an evening that confirmed the confidence in the power of the art market, through the total sales of EUR 1.3 million and an award rate of 91%. The award of the work “Trei frați” by Nicolae Tonitza for the amount of EUR 170,000 marks the artist’s entry with a second artwork in the Ranking of the 10 most important sales on the Romanian art market, in a top dominated by emblematic works by Grigorescu.

February - February continues the tradition of Artmark Mărțișor Auctions with an evening dedicated to small painting and sculpture masterpieces, and another - to vintage trinkets, jewellery and decorative art. The selection of lots conquered the audience, being sold at a rate of 113% of the estimated maximum total value. The third day of the February auction session brought, for the first time, an auction on the theme of Romanian cinema stars, followed by the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction, which obtained the highest award rate by lot and value of all Artmark auctions dedicated to this category.

January - The calendar year started with two unique themes for the Romanian auction market: The Golden Age Auction, dedicated to collectibles, and the Avant-garde and Expressionist Auction, a selection of artworks representative for the currents that brought international appreciation for Romanian artists. The last lot of the auction, the painting “Portret pentru mai târziu (Poetul Ion Minulescu)” by Victor Brauner, set the highest value of the evening, being sold for EUR 75,000, a record amount for the Romanian space.


December - With total sales of over EUR 1.6 million and an award rate of 99%, the Winter Auction exceeded in scale almost all parameters of a Romanian art auction, of which the value record of an artwork on the market - EUR 290,000 for the work “În iatac” by Nicolae Tonitza - and the highest total sales in an art auction, EUR 1,605,350, the highest award rate, the most numerous audience - almost 800 persons - and the most distinct participating paddles, during the four hours of the auction.

November - Artmark opens, at the first floor of the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace, the “Dependent de Artă” art boutique, the showroom of the online platform DependentdeArta.ro. In addition to the heterogeneous offer of decorative art, painting, graphics and photography, the store launches the first exclusively Romanian art bookstore in the country: art albums, raisonné and exhibition catalogues, monographs, insights from the art market world. The book corner of the “Dependent de Artă” art boutique becomes, only a few months after its inauguration, the “Ground 0” of the Romanian art publications. New publications, but also albums that have not seen the light of Bucharest bookstores - titles published by museums and galleries in the country - come together in a single bookstore, giving a bookish note to the selection of decorative art, painting, graphics and photography that “Dependent de Artă” exhibits. November - In a marathon of 6 auctions, conducted during 3 consecutive evenings, the Nicolae and Hrisanti Petresco Collection Auction witnessed an award rate of 100%, reaching a total value close to the maximum estimate, proof that the heritage painting works from acknowledged collections are increasingly sought after by collectors and investors. In the same evening, the second Artmark auction dedicated to Contemporary Art took the total young art sales at Artmark in 2011 to over half a million Euros, a performance for the debut year of specialised auctions.

September - Artmark launches the online store www.dependentdearta.ro,, the newest cultural shopping project in Romania, the only one of this magnitude, dedicated exclusively to the fine arts. The Dependent de Artă store is an original platform for the art market in the country, which brings together objects of antique decorative art, contemporary design, but also small paintings and sculptures at affordable prices. Dependent de Artă is the first art store in Romania that takes on the task of making transactions transparent, while importing in the art gallery market the usual benefits of online commerce: secured online payment, quick delivery, integrity and/or luxury packaging. September - The Romanian Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Auction, at the second edition after the inaugural one in September 2010, reconfirmed the appreciation of the art market and collectors’ optimism, registering in a year an increase in sales value by 59%. Compared to September 2010, when a new record of the art market was set with the work “Car cu boi” by Nicolae Grigorescu, awarded for EUR 155,000, in 2011, two paintings of the master exceeded the threshold of EUR 200,000, in an auction with total sales of EUR 1,292,000.

June - Artmark associates, Alexandru Bâldea and Manuela Plăpcianu, buy back the residual share package of 29% in guarantee at the initially associated Swiss investment fund, fully repaying the three-year loan contracted in August 2008. Artmark also becomes the first art auction house in Romania financed by a bank, Millennium Bank granting a loan of EUR 1 million to implement its projects. June – The auction “My first painting” inaugurates a new five-star framework for the Artmark theme auctions: Athénée Palace Hilton Hotel's "Le Diplate" ballroom. June – The buyer of the work „Fata cu mărgele roșii (Țărăncuță odihnindu-se)” by Nicolae Grigorescu - which holds the position of the most expensive painting sold in Romania - gives it into the custody of the Brukenthal National Museum, for a period of one year. June - The 2011 Summer Auction crowns a successful year of the Romanian art market, the event also marking a peak of audience participation and willingness to buy. The total of the evening amounted to over EUR 1,600,000, a record sum, and the award rate achieved was 95%, with three solid sales, of which two of over EUR 200,000, affirming the growing power of the Romanian art market. June – In the new headquarters of the ArtSociety Cultural Centre from C.A. Rosetti no. 5, the Bucharest Art Gallery opens, through a three-year partnership between the two institutions. After more than three decades since the capital works of Romanian art are kept far from the eyes of the public, deprived of an exhibition space, the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace offers its elegant rooms for the presentation of the rich heritage of the Art Gallery, in regular curatorial exhibitions.

May – The Old Masters of Romanian Painting Auction brought three records on the Romanian art market: a new author record for the work “Ulcică cu flori de câmp” by Ioan Andreescu - EUR 135,000, which also set the most expensive square centimetre of art in Romania - EUR 270 and the most intensely auctioned lot - the work "Țărăncuță" by Ștefan Luchian. May - Artmark Auction House inaugurates its new headquarters: The Cesianu-Racoviță Palace, located in the heart of Bucharest, across the road from the National Museum of Art of Romania. The historical building, built by a French architect for an aristocratic family from Bucharest, now receives a noble function: that of housing works of art and an activity oriented towards the development of the Romanian art market.

April - The work „Fata cu mărgele roșii (Țărăncuță odihnindu-se)” by Nicolae Grigorescu sets a new record on the Romanian art market: EUR 270,000, within the Art-Nouveau and Romanticism Auction, consolidating Grigorescu’s supremacy in the top of Romanian art sales. In the Post-modernism and Contemporary Auction, which followed in the same evening, the largest work of art ever put up for auction in the world was purchased for EUR 35,000, entitled “Prințesa” (4.5 x 20 m), by Alexandru Bunescu (b. 1988, Sibiu) April – The Romanian Art Market Index, Catalogue of Annual Returns (1995 - 2010) of the most traded Romanian artists, reaching the second edition, was launched at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The index comes to meet the needs of investors interested in diversifying their portfolio of alternative investments, showing the average return of the Romanian art market in the last 16 years - 36%, so higher than the average annual return, for the same period, of investments in gold, land or Romanian securities. The average return in 2010 (compared to 2009) is 40%.

March - The Spring Auction marks a historic moment: exceeding the psychological threshold of EUR 200,000 for two works by Nicolae Grigorescu. „Cârciumă la Rucăr” climbed on the first position in the ranking of the best-selling paintings on the Romanian market, with EUR 230,000, followed by the other star of the Spring Auction, the landscape by the same author “La marginea pădurii”, awarded for EUR 200,000. At the same time, the auction achieved for the second time a total exceeding one million Euros.

February - The 2011 Mărțișor Auction registers a new author record for Ion Andreescu with the work “Femei în parc”, sold for the amount of EUR 130,000, placing the work on the sixth place in the top best-selling works of art. February also brings at Artmark two significant débuts through the first Decorative Art Auction and the first Romanian Collectible Wine Auction.


December - The 2010 anniversary Winter Auction, the second national duplex Sibiu (Hilton) - Bucharest (J.W. Marriott), organised in partnership with the Brukenthal National Museum and with the support of local Rotary and Lions clubs, marks two national records: the painting “Păstorița” by Nicolae Grigorescu, coming from the same reputable collection dipl. Vasile Stoica, is awarded for EUR 175,000, author record, respectively the 89 lots awarded (of a total of 98 auctioned) total around EUR 1.3 million, a record sales figure.

November - The lots of the “12+1 Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from Private Collections” Auction are 100% awarded (including two sales of over EUR 100,000, Nicolae Tonitza’s "Golgota", from the collection of diplomat Vasile Stoica, returned by the National Museum of Art of Romania in 2009, awarded for EUR 125,000, new author record, borrowed a month later by the collector acquiring the permanent exhibition of the Prahova Art Museum "Ion Ionescu-Quintus", respectively "Panseluțe" by Nicolae Grigorescu, awarded for EUR 115,000). November – The second annual Sculpture Auction (Romanian and European), hosted by Ghika Palace in Bucharest, manages an award rate of 71% (compared to the rate of the first sculpture auction in November 2009), validating a new heritage art market sector.

October - The 2010 Autumn Auction, the first national duplex between two art auction rooms located in different cities, Timișoara National Opera + J.W. Marriott Bucharest, places face to face the knowledge of Bucharest residents on the quotations of publicly traded artists and the art exchange game with the option of the people of Banat for beauty, at affordable prices. This results in a record award rate of 96%, a presence of about 700 participants and a sales figure of around EUR 750 thousand, where Bucharest awards about 55% of the works of art for sale, and Banat and the adjacent areas about 45%.

September - The first Romanian Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Artmark Auction sets new records on the Romanian art market - about 650 participants, an award rate of over 88% of the lots put up for sale, a turnover of over EUR 800 thousand, respectively over 400 author records (out of 112 lots awarded). “Car cu boi” by Nicolae Grigorescu, a large composition representative for the “white” period of the national artist, is awarded for EUR 155,000, dethroning the second place previously held by Ștefan Luchian with the painting “Garoafe”.

July - The 2010 Orientalism Auction, hosted by Vega Hotel in Mamaia - Constanța, designed in partnership with the Art Museum of Constanța and the Constanța County Council, starts the 2010 - 2011 Artmark campaign to expand/professionalise the national art market, organizing art auction events in a number of representative cities of Romania; it also closes the first half of 2010 with a turnover from auctions double compared to the previous year (EUR 1.92 million H1/2010 compared to EUR 1.76 million for the whole year 2009), in a Romanian market of art sales by auction almost double compared to that of last year (EUR 3.69 million the whole 2009 vs. EUR 3.03 million H1/2010).

June - Launch of the Romanian Art Market Index - “Catalogue of annual returns (1995-2009) of the most traded Romanian artists”, in partnership with Royal Preferred Banking, the private banking division of RBS Romania, with the support of the Romanian Banking Institute, with the participation of a panel of 16 speakers, including the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Vice-President’s cabinet, the President of the Romanian Commodities Exchange, the Vice-President of the National Securities Commission, the Rector of the Academy of Economic Studies, the president of the Romanian Association of Art Experts and Evaluators, the president of the Association of Art Traders in Romania, other personalities. June - The previous Ștefan Luchian record is dethroned by the sale of “Garoafe” for EUR 140,000 in the 2010 Summer Auction.

April - The Tiberiu Puica Collection Auction, in which Artmark manages to sell Ștefan Luchian's “Maci” with an auction price of EUR 132,000, an author record for Ștefan Luchian, a public transaction that became the second largest as financial importance in the Romanian art market.

January - A decision is made to separate the two components of Artmark’s activity, namely that of art auction from the gallery, laying the foundations of the ArtSociety Cultural Centre, a foundation that covers the activity of both galleries - ArtSociety and Point contemporary, chaired by Ruxandra Garofeanu. The Artmark auction house remains the main financier of the foundation, which plans to organise national exhibitions.


October - The 2009 Autumn Auction, in which Artmark awards to a Romanian collector a work by the French impressionist Armand Guillaumin, namely “Paysage au Midi”, dated 1907, for EUR 60,000, a record (and a cornerstone) for the Romanian European art market.

June - The 2009 Summer Auction of Artmark House, resulting in two absolute records on the Romanian market, the sale of masterpieces “Aișe” by Camil Ressu, respectively “Port” by Marcel Iancu, both belonging to the renowned interwar collection Dr. Iosif Dona, for EUR 160,000 and EUR 130,000 respectively; putting up for sale the most expensive work of art proposed to the Romanian market, “Tăietorul de lemne”, by the French impressionist Camille Pissarro, from the same Dona collection.

May - The Point Contemporary Art Gallery participates for the first time in an international art fair, ViennaFair 2009, with a solo show Roman Tolici.

January - Opening exhibition of the ArtSociety Gallery, "Anamaria Smigelschi - Alin Gheorghiu".


December 2008 - The first art auction of Artmark House, the 2008 Winter Auction, an absolute success - “Fata în roz” by Nicolae Tonitza is awarded for EUR 120,000, a record amount in the Romanian art auction market; “Păunii privirilor” by Ion Țuculescu, in the same auction, a well-deserved personal record of the artist, EUR 80,000.

August - Artmark associates secure a 3-year loan from a Swiss investment fund to finance the purchase of internal stock and the organization of the first exhibitions, guaranteed by a package of Artmark shares.

July - CINOA receives Radu Boroianu as an observer member and validates the association mandate granted to Radu Boroianu. July - Establishment of the Artmark Auction House, under the legal name of Galeriile Artmark SRL, by two associates, collectors and art lovers, Radu Boroianu, theatre director (former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture, former Romanian Ambassador to Switzerland), and Alexandru Bâldea, lawyer (associate professor of cultural marketing course at the Department of Art History of the Faculty of History), Radu Boroianu becoming the first president of the House. Since its inception, Artmark has conducted two distinct activities, one predominantly commercial, art auction house, and another predominantly cultural, for the affirmation of heritage art, under the baton of director and curator Ruxandra Garofeanu, through the ArtSociety gallery, respectively for the promotion of young contemporary art through the Point Contemporary gallery, coordinated by Liliana Popescu..

April - Radu Boroianu, advocating the cause of the Romanian art market to the representatives of CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art), convinces the professional body based in Brussels to grant him a mandate for the association of the Romanian art galleries in order to join CINOA and the organization of the Romanian art market according to the rigours of transparency and deontology used in the international market.